Quick Taipei Trip For Handshake

Quick Taipei Trip For Handshake

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On the road again, as I stamped out of Thai customs I realized I hadn’t left since October 2023!

Half of me wanted to stay – saying goodbye to 8 and 9 year old children is really hard – every day with them is precious.

Yet I am back on the road- this time typing up in Taipei, Taiwan for a quick 3 day, 2 night business development trip. Meeting Handshake “Fam” – actually on the birthday of Handshake (born approximately Feb 3, 2020)

Have to say I am very grateful my friend Chris Moore introduced me to this project back in mid 2020, it has given me so many opportunities.

Here in Taipei meeting Andrew Lee the co-founder of Purse which we just did a massive restructuring deal with and are now building out Loadpipe ecommerce protocol from that.

Also Pei and other massive miners in the ecosystem.

So many true OG crypto / bitcoin believers involved in this project and yet it is still so under appreciated. Feel this is my job – to bring more awareness to handshake (HNS) while also building up this new protocol Loadpipe (and also of course integrating Handshake)

So a quick 3 day trip to Taipei for meetings of Handshake fam and talking about the future of ecommerce with Loadipe is a well worth trip.

Plus this is the longest amount of time I have been in Taipei and it is a very lively place. Feel as though I am in the future movie with the cars flying by in the city.

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