Need To Learn To Let Go, Preparing to Sell

In now by Michael Michelini

What is Mike Up to Now? Sept 13 – 19, 2020

Burning out a little bit towards the end of last week – just a ton of projects from content to migrations, to IT integrations for clients and our own – just feels like everyone is getting used to the “new normal” of 100% online and pushing the limits. Luckily made it through the week and crashed Saturday mid morning with a pounding headache and various symptoms. Mother in law got me some acupuncture and other TCM (traditional chinese medicine) and tried (note : tried) to not think about work the rest of Saturday.

But it is Sunday now, feeling better and doing the normal weekly plan for the team.

* It Integrations for online events (affiliate, membership checkout, document signing)
* GFAVIP member call Wednesday 7pm HK time, Rolands sharing the members on Amazon FBA hacks.
* Actively going to try to sell 1 site in the portfolio, just to get the habit of selling some of the work we have been building.
* More work on the email automations and CRM for GFA. Ongoing work, but next step is getting the “front office” to learn how to use it.

Our week plan for the Shadstone team (removing personal info)

Week Plan Sept 13 – 19, 2020 Shadstone Limited

We have been pushing the limits last week with tech and migration and building. Exhausting and I know I am pushing some of you a bit too much with the email migration ….even myself. So yesterday (saturday) I had a splitting headache and then got even more sick so finally took “most” of the day off (well worked for a couple hours in the morning) and got a lot of rest.

It is true, we all need to rest and recover. Also realized I am assuming we all work on the weekends. Just trying to figure it out as I am a workaholic – but this serves as a reminder to get our rest and recovery. And if you need that – please use your work diary and communicate that.

But we did make some big milestones! We have gotten onto the new email CRM system and it seems 10x better, but it is something we have to maintain / update and there are some bugs in it that need to be watched.

Highlights for last week –
The Email migration, I made a mistake and forgot about an automation when we unsubscribe someone it sends them a “sorry to see you go” and it sent it to almost everyone on the database… But we fixed it and it may have even gotten some more activity. Next is learning to use it with the client services and community team to maintain our relationships (CRM).

More client work, the events setup and the keyword reports. Tricky to balance our own sites and consulting work.

We shared a 1 minute video on my personal accounts for a power hour consulting session and got a few inquires. Good to know people are paying attention.

More ecommerce projects coming, and close to announcing season 2 of Ecommerce Gladiator, Diane’s products.

Next week:
I’m going to push myself to try to sell a site. Want to keep them all, but preparing to list one site that has earnings and traffic and practice.

More building out of the email system, CRM, and automations. Trying to connect GFAVIP membership to it so we can better take care of our members and optimize what they want.

GFAVIP member call Wednesday 7pm, a knowledge sharing one about Amazon FBA hacks. People are excited for this one.

What the team is working on.
I think you all like this one right?

This is alphabetical order for everyone in our Shadstone Handbook – and again, it is my best effort, I’m writing this up so we all know who is doing what and hopefully can communicate better between each other (instead of me in the middle) ha!

preparing to have him help with more infographics

doing our amazing work with podcast editing and video editing. Helped make a really cool signature logo video for (name removed) (after another team member’s hard work designing the signature)

bouncing back and forth with me on how to best manage the GFAVIP member database. After discussing one CRM, we feel it is better we use the same CRM/emails system that the marketing and newsletters use – which is (removed)

did amazing work on a client’s keyword report request. It turned out to be much more that we expected, but it was a good learning experience and hoping to do more projects for SEO

learning about our event management department and studying the tools we are going to use for the online event (page is still needing to be updated but it is [name removed]) And helping take future website updates from Stephenie’s overloaded plate 🙂

helping with our crazy inbox, fielding things to the right people (again I appreciate less emails sent to me as the middle person, thank you for that!)

epic writing lately, thank you for the articles

really busy with facebook campaigns as well as his other client work.

set up the email marketing imported the database, helped fix some urgent issues as Stephenie and I set it up. And of course pushing site updates and other updates

still grinding away at website rebuild, also helping check other directories updates

did an amazing Amazon FBA p&l forecast for our 2 potential ecommerce joint venture projects

getting a great flow for the writers and coordinating w/ Anne on topic ideas. Also learning these new email newsletter systems.

really grinding away at all the sites upgrades and now starting to learn Website Auditor (tool we use for site analysis) which is great.

discussing him helping with photo editing of the future ecommerce projects we are doing.

getting gleam going, helping brainstorm more ways to get engagement. Also coordinating with more people doing Instagram engagement campaigns.

Our “glue” and often the person who helps balance the tasks, team, and keep things organized.

working on the rebuild of one of our investment websites

helping get the podcasts online weekly

I’ve overloaded but still performing under pressure, helped us get the new email automations and popups setup for GFA, as well as signature logo, and posting a ton of the articles the team wrote.

Thank you team. I need to focus – really focus – on selling memberships .selling …in general. I think we have such an amazing team and system and tools. Just gotta work on the top line of sales. More and more people in the network are noticing us (someone offered to buyout GfA a week or 2 ago, and old contacts reaching out to get on the podcast) we need to keep chipping away.

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