Further Teambuilding July 12 – 18, 2020

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike is Up To Now – July 12 to 18 2020

Just grinding away here on my laptop in North China.
* Website building and optimization
* Global From Asia content (as always)
* Working hard at getting the team to work as a TEAM. Putting more SOP in place for website making and optimizing.

Week Plan July 12 to 18, 2020 Shadstone Limited
some info removed

Feel we are getting a bit into a flow with the focus now on website investing and building. I know some of you still have your heads spinning as we have been changing the business quite a few times.

It is essentially these things now:

GFA media (podcast) and membership – since 2013 we have been building this. People are applying to join the membership. And we will do events once it opens again. We are doing more online calls and masterminds.

Website investing. Website building, content creation. It is part of what we do at GFA media and we do it for select clients as well – and we need to further develop the system sand team – which we have been working very hard at doing the last couple of weeks.

We are further “stripping” content out of our bigger sites and putting them on more focused “mini sites” – an example is (removed) – we are taking top motivational quotes and poems posts out of mikesblog.com and putting them into the making motivation site. It should be online this week. And the idea is that this is a much more focused place for me and others to go to read them (as I do read these sometimes ha!)

We are doing this more and more on sites where we see “weird content that doesn’t fit in anymore”.

Getting (name removed) more integrated into the team. She is our SEO and I will try to “let go” of some of these tasks and let her work with the webmasters on optimizing sites and content.

As you can see, we are making more slack groups and Shadstone portal projects for each site – this way the team can be updated what is happening on that site and coordinate better as a team.

The main trend – allowing the team to work together and communicate without my being the bottleneck in the middle.

We have a great group of people and cover all the major skills needed to do what we are doing – just gotta “let go” and stop being in the middle of things. Hope that you can all enjoy communicating more with each other and building up a true empire.

And as I have said, I am working with the team to find ways to get everyone who helps on a project a bonus for their contributions. This way it is not just the short term cash (well we all need that) but it is more on the long term growth of the site too.

Hopefully I am making sense here – if we can sustain ourselves doing these things, this is what I love to do. And hope you enjoy it too.

I’ll try harder to get out of the way from micromanaging – Just so excited to push things forward to the next level for long term health and growth.

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