Finding New Routine (What Mike’s Upto May 3-9 ,2020

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What Mike Is Up To Now – May 3 – 9, 2020

* Getting into a routine, although really just stuck at the in-laws and working online (sorry for delay of next video blog, really just would be me sitting in my aunt in law’s working online!)
* Preparing group buy number 6 for Loadpipe, getting into a rhythm and community / vendor platform.
* Enjoying our online roundtable masterminds at membership.
* Teaching my kids on an iPad, who would have thought…

For those who want to read the full Shadstone info here you go

Week Plan May 3 – 9, 2020 Shadstone Limited

Dear team, I really appreciate your help, and consistent work even during these uncertain times. We are close on some larger medical supply deals that may support our long term sustainability here and that is the goal.

Keep up your hard work and just remember that I do appreciate you. And as always if you have some questions for me – please let me know.

There is some “routine” coming in the company again –

Weekly Loadpipe group buys – Monday announce them (Stephenie does great work getting it all setup), Wednesday/Thursday webinar, and Friday is last day to buy. Need to keep optimizing that flow. And working on making it more of a platform than us being the seller (to take pressure off of us). member calls – the pandemic did help get more people to join our online member calls so at least something positive came – and it is getting me more excited for the membership. Will try to invite podcast guests to do a GFAVIP member call after their interview, so members can ask more questions and get more interaction (it is a test). I want to make the calls we were doing for the 2 in the beta (Melissa and Alex) to be open to anyone in GFAVIP so we can get more people onboard.

Some disputes from previous owners of some of the websites but am discussing with them directly.

Still deciding if we hire a new part time person to help us with the Loadpipe system, just nerve racking to be honest.

On a personal note, still going through this transformation and deciding where to base the family. Living in my in-laws is really not a long term solution. Seems though will stay in China / in this city for the foreseeable future

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