What’s Mike Up To – June 7-13, 2020

In now by Michael Michelini

What is Mike Michelin Up To – June 7 – 13, 2020

It is all about team, investing more and more into the team – finding the right people, developing them as best I can. What has been something I am working on more is allowing the team to work without me in the middle.

* Training Anne, new on-site SEO team member. Really happy to have someone on the team to help me with optimizing websites and content and monitoring them. Will be a big relief as I feel that has been on my shoulders forever.
* More training for Angelica and Michael on community and social media.
* Loadpipe moving to a new model and beta – reworking it a bit – may not announce it still but plan to do a survey to current registered beta users.
* Content projects as always, working with a few big projects now – big sites which is what I love to do.

The longer team plan

(removed some for confidentiality purposes)

For those interested to read the Shadstone company plan, here you go

Week Plan June 7 -13, 2020 Shadstone Limited

A lot of things happening – well – as always 😉 This is what I love to do and hope you too – creating! But yes – we also need to think about money – and there are some projects coming in to help us a bit and I believe bigger opportunities very soon.

First, welcome Anne to the company – I am so happy to have bumped into her in the job application process and see she has experience with on-site SEO and website optimization. She has been reviewing our sites structures and I see her as the person who will be monitoring our SEO and making sure the sites we are building are optimized for search and user experience. She is still learning the systems and the “static” system as that is new to her- but I am excited to also learn from her.

Angelica and Michael are getting more and more familiar with their role and the tasks/ tools.
Thank you Angelica for helping me on Loadpipe webinars and member community matters.
Thank you Michael for making suggestions and optimizing our social media posts – we work so hard to make this content and happy to have a fresh set of eyes and experience to help us improve it.

And of course – our current team – I am so happy with everyone on the team now – we are all working well in our roles and making the best decisions for the success of the company – thank you. Just because I am not specifically mentioning you here doesn’t mean I do not appreciate you. We are really the best team I have ever worked with.

Next, we are almost done rebuilding the site buildmyonlinestore.com – this is one of the first ecommerce podcasts started in 2012 – I was guest 3 – and we took over the site/podcast a couple months ago – one issue was the podcast feed / itunes / static – fixed the feed to make it work on static – and we were able to re-submit the feed to Apple and all the 103 reviews were restored and the feed URL is the same – www.buildmyonlinestore.com/itunespodcast if you want to see it.

What is the plan for this BMOS (build my online store) podcast? Well it also has epic blog posts about ecommerce – and GFA / Shadstone is all about ecommerce – so it is a great content addition to what we are doing. Considering re-starting the podcast – but not sure if I should host it – or we find others to host it (I don’t want to be the podcast host of too many shows, I did that before). Believe this can earn sponsorships and affiliate and authority to promote GFAVIP.com (it ranks in google for ecommerce mastermind) so we can re-direct that user to apply for GFAVIP membership to join the ecommerce mastermind.

Also – mikesblog.com is no longer on WordPress! Moved it to static via https://mikesblog.com/directory/wp2static/ and I feel so much better about it. Hope our team here adding content is ok w/ this more manual way, but I feel so much more secure on the site now.

Loadpipe – I won’t sugar coat it – I am losing a bit of the vision on it – just the masks was such a nightmare and a bit of other issues – but I believe with Angelica to help on community, and Wendy pushing us along the idea now is – we will let the products we list be public to google / users on the internet – but the pricing is for members only – as the prices will be lower than allowed to be advertised publicly.

Website / content projects – (client name removed) most likely will go through – he verbally agreed to the proposal. And it should be an ongoing content project like (client names removed) – this is what our company is – a content team. I love that because it is about creativity and building.

Also may take over management of (website URL removed) as they are not maintaining it – I am making a proposal now – another huge site from 2009 that I knew since then. Discussing how to move forward with it.

But this is what we are doing – taking over tons of massive old websites in ecommerce / cross border trade / Asia business and growing a strong empire.

The dream is coming true, thank you all for being here with me on it.

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