Diving Deeper into Technical Marketing Automation & Integration

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike is Up to Now – Sept 6 – 12, 2020

Kids going to full time Kindergarten, giving me a lot more time to work in the afternoons now. Realizing how much time it was taking, miss it already – but glad they have the social part of school.

Stripped out more blog posts from this blog – as we are developing out various other investment, content here is better served on more focused sites. So took top 5 Philippines blog posts and moved them to Expat.com.ph

Getting our writer platform more optimized, blessed to have a great team and now working towards scaling Key Blogging up. But still using as an internal tool for now.

Deep in studying membership site systems, email automation tools, intonations. Dizzying to be honest, but it is worthwhile for the long term.

More keyword research and website projects coming in.

Here’s the Shadstone team company plan, removing personal names and info,.

Week Plan Sept 6 – 12, 2020 Shadstone Limited

More tech system upgrades. This time more email automation system migrations, which is a big hassle to move as we have so many integrations. But once we do this, we will really be able to scale up across various sites.

Also we are moving now to add more email opt-ins on our investment sites, as growing an email list is always a valuable part of any business. Will be studying this more this week.

We have been putting a lot of time and resources into Expat.com.ph and now have a directory forming, with a review system. Also peeling out some of my old top blog posts on my personal blog Mike’s blog – as a further strategy of pulling out content from the blog and putting into more focused sites we are building out.

For client work, more websites and events and content – as always. Online events and memberships, learning more about various IT systems and workflows – these integrations give me a headache!

Also on our market research project (well it is mostly me doing it – code name “Helium Rises”) they are now having us focus from collecting surveys to having people signup on the system.

I know we gotta still fix the HR system, it is on my list – want to make sure our team is using the best systems – and also scalable systems – as can you believe now we have 20 people in the team (I learned that when reviewing the new Handbook team page) plus a bunch of people we work with externally. Once we get the systems in place even more, it is exciting.

As far as sales team, that is our weakness but we are working on an add-on in the Shadstone portal that will help us with commission tracking. This way we can build a sales team that just needs to focus on selling and adding into an invoice in the portal and then we can run a report for them.

What the team is working on
I think people enjoy this, and I’ll try my best to discuss what people are working on – also if you haven’t already please update / keep up to date your handbook.shadstone.com/company/team profile page – click the profile button on the top right of the menu to add/edit.

In Alphabetical order(removed)

Hope these week plans help, hope we can continue to work as a team, use the systems, and grow together. This is a lifelong project and excited to see things growing.

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