Post China National Holiday Grind

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Oct 10 -16, 2021

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Going deeper into the decentralized web is the focus and doing what I love – content creation, and community. The 3C – content, community, consulting. I believe I am doing that now. Some highlights this week:

  • Indigitus router – the community is super excited for this product launch. I’ve never experienced such energy to launch a product before. We’re now working on launch strategy.
  • Hardware – related to Indigitus, we’re just deep down the rabbit hole of all these hardware projects built on blockchain protocols.
  • GFA broker development- more calls this week and deals over the Chinese National holiday that need to be attended too. Also onboarding a new community manager to work with me on this.
  • NowShenzhen – final steps to moving completely to the new server. Also working to get operators of the Wechat going.
  • Training / developing our team – ongoing training and support of our growing Shadstone team.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Congratulations, we survived a week with our GM on vacation! I have to admit, I’m excited to have her back though, ha!

Thanks to everyone who helped keep things running smooth last week. It is a great test of a company when a key member is away and the operations can mainly continue. But for sure there are some holes I noticed which was to be expected and we will fill those holes and continue to build a company and team that can operate while some of us are on leave.

Maybe sometime soon I can be one of those to take a leave. That would be super amazing! Though I love what I do here and love the team, I do need to be able to take some time off. Hoping we can work to that point.

Last week was almost a full week holiday in China (October holiday Oct 1 – 7) with just Friday and Saturday as working days (yes, China makes working day on Saturday / Sunday at times for adjusting holiday lengths). It’s so mostly quiet on our projects and businesses related to China- such as the business broker division and GFA community.

Ok now for our updates:

Indigitus – we are making it through a transition to a new product. Also, the team has been developing and growing. As we are only 1 partner of a growing team, there are more decisions that need to be discussed. And, I hope to have more clarity about the client services of Indigitus especially before the next public product launch.

Developing more the team at GFA – – with membership but also the service that we have been focusing on more. We’re getting her up to speed on the GFAVIP community and we are brainstorming still a smooth way for NFTs and future ways to engage the community and support the community.

Working to have our video host more involved in GFA podcast as well as videos.

A new re-developing idea is our newer team member is doing great with ESL sessions for my son. And as many things here, we start with a small pilot project but there are already early discussions with her and I on bringing back GFA kids. Very early stage idea, but she seems perfect for this project.

NowShenzhen is a massive website project (multiple sites) and many on the team are working on this. We’re hoping this coming week we can switch off fully the drupal site with the new apartments section. On top of the web stuff, we’re hoping to get the Wechat / community / marketing team going.

On Handshake / dweb projects – For the NamesCon last month we will have a recap call with the team this Wednesday about a long-term collaboration. Also, Flamingo Handshake hopes to settle the last month auction. This week, we need to work on the next one which is coming up fast! Plus, Mona Pay and other crypto projects for clients as well as for Indigitus to be able to grow the usage of the dweb.

There are probably other project updates I am missing (yes, quite a few actually in the works). In general, we have a great growing team and we are focusing on our core – websites, website marketing/SEO via content, and within the niche community of cross border trade and ecommerce in Asia.

It has only taken 13 years to get to this point (Shadstone started in March 2007!). But we are always chipping away and want to build a company that is a long-term platform for us to work online, work creatively, and grow.

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