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What Mike Michelini is up to Now – March 7- 13, 2021

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What Mike Michelini is up to now – March 7 -13, 2021

Going through a leadership coaching program that has really been a transition. I’m calling this next phase as Shadstone 4.0 (my own internal code). We need to use this transition to grow.

  • Handycon.promote is this week! Will be busy!
  • Client work for content services and SEO getting busier and optimizing the flow
  • Some strategic deals and sponsorships on the horizon for GFA, plus a GFAVIP + services promotion package.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Mar 7- 13, 2021 Shadstone Limited

It is almost 1 year since the company retreat in Bohol, Philippines. What a turning point that was, kicking off the start of the world entering lockdown, and my evacuation and struggle/adventure to barely make it back to China to be together with my wife and kids during this global pandemic.

And with this one year milestone here, more changes and transitions in leadership roles. I have decided to call this Shadstone 4.0 (we have gone through a few of these which I internally call Shadstone 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 with major changes).

Shadstone 4.0 is a phase where we build a leadership team that can operate without Mike needing to write up everything every single morning. Mike spends hours each morning typing up long tasks and project details to avoid having phone calls.

In Shadstone 4.0, we are going to work as a team of equals. There will be more transparency and more opportunity for everyone on the team and we will reduce the bottlenecks caused by the way things have been going.

It is still a bit early with some news, but in Slack I mentioned some massive projects and opportunities coming that will fundamentally grow and scale the company. We will be making these SBU (strategic business units) that will need leaders to run them and operate them.

Again, those SBUs being mainly 3, or 4:

  • Services, SEO / content investments – we have regular clients who work with us.
  • Global From Asia / community / GFAVIP – our membership, and a new campaign to integrate our services division with our membership offering. Also a massive sponsor/partnership is brewing in the cross border business community.
  • SkyInclude / Handshake – from the frustration we all deal with having Amazon associates, adsense, seller accounts, facebook pages, ad accounts, etc banned and frozen – we believe there must be a better way – and some call it web 3, Handshake calls it dWeb (decentralized internet) – I truly believe it is the future of the internet, and this is part of the other 2 SBU (content services + GFA community)
  • (Maybe a fourth) our partnership with the factory on our new Amazon brand in the bar products niche. (Although I learn towards putting this as a client in our Shadstone services SBU). It does involve the influencer outreach and GetFrenzi service which is new.

We hope to grow and give opportunity to those on the current team, those who have been through the ups and downs in the company.

Also this week we are the main organizer of the world’s first ever Handshake (HNS) conference – Handycon – which is a massive milestone in making a decentralized internet. Already there connections and collaborations forming from this event are moving the new internet forward.

What to expect this week?

  • More job opportunities for those who want to step up – we will need to hire new people or upgrade people in the current organization.
  • Further developing our service offerings
  • GFAVIP special promotion results – the newly developing sales and marketing division made a great team effort to raise more membership.
  • HandyCon will be super busy – Thursday/Friday this week, so I will be busy on that.
  • Amazon product listings – gotta get these moving forward even with various obstacles (waiting for images from the photo studio, etc)
  • New potential sponsors and partnerships in various SBUs. A bit too early to say, more phone calls setup.

In life, I have learned, the only thing that stays the same is change. It means, everything is always changing. I keep in the back of my mind, the entire human body regenerates every 7 years – the bones, the skin, the entire system. While we think we are staying the same, our body is changing. Cells die and new cells are formed.

We are either growing or dying. So let us choose to push ourselves and make hard decisions to grow a scalable business that provides opportunity for ourselves and our families and also makes a difference in this world.

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