Growing the CCC (content community consulting)

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Is Upto Now Nov 1 – 8, 2020

* Still in Shenyang China. No short term plan to go anywhere for now – I home school a couple hours a day and other family members help for a few other hours.
* Focused on the 3 C – consulting, community, content – in the ecommerce and cross border trade space.
* Consulting ecommerce businesses, working on GFAVIP live online events and member networking, and content creation for our own sites and for client work.
* Doubling down on meditation and mindfulness (Will have a GFAVIP session with Brandon on Nov 11 – where I’ll share my progress)

And for those who want to read the full company week report – I remove some sensitive info but here’s the gist:

Week Plan Nov 1 – 8 2020 Shadstone Limited

Hope everyone in Philippines is staying safe as the typhoon roars through. You’re in my thoughts.

We are in November – and in a couple days USA will finish the elections. As crazy as it sounds but if affects many internet marketers – as Facebook seems to be crazy “ban happy” banning a lot of personal and ad accounts we are working with.

Last week was a good development week as always – I think we should report it from a CCC (consulting community content) angle:

Consulting – working with more people on getting their ecommerce businesses setup.

Many want to have 1 on 1 calls with me regularly to track their progress, I really like that and making some packages.

Also close to signing on a new ecommerce brand with the factory to come alive.

A new chat app was a bit delayed due to the IT development hope this week can start to slowly use it and introduce to our network in a soft launch.

Community – I am excited about the live calls and the networking.

We are getting more people to understand we even HAVE a community (now that we are public about it) – AND we are combining the members calls w/ the podcast recordings (which I had to do anyway) – the big challenge is coordinating w/ the guest more in advance (and hoping they don’t reschedule) and also all the SOPs for the team to help with doing pre-event. But I think now that we have 4-5 guests already lined up for November and already planning for December – we have a good “buffer” so that we are not rushing and planning live podcast calls last minute (in the past I would often do a podcast interview with a 2-3 day notice, now we need at least 2 week notice).

I know I am a bit stressful about the live calls (1) I’m nervous because it is a bit different than the previous private zoom call recording now we need to get all the live streaming up and it is more pressure. (2) all the new SOPs and processes we need to coordinate, (3) we have been changing the format a lot the last couple months as we are testing the right format. – I know it is stressful for the team and I hope we are now close to confirming the process I feel it is 95% there just needs some more tweaking on and the live and the promotion flow. Plan is to help others in the GFAVIP community like Zack promote their events too.

Content – Our core skill and main work – we make so much content!

Really think the 1 minute videos are doing well. Asking to help make 1 minute videos of the highlights from the podcast recordings – as the quotes are great as an image – but would be awesome as well as a little 1 minute segment. Then hopefully that can help build more awareness that we even have these longer form podcasts.

We’re doing more ecommerce/product content which is great – and I am hoping can become more developed for the ecommerce content (as we are also going to be building up Bavdan brand in Amazon in December/Jan). Just like posting on WordPress – but product listings is a bit more strict rules of image sizes and layout. Let’s become experts on that.

On the BlogJV, and our content empire – we’re starting to add some advertising as I know – I know- I am hesitating to add advertising but need to build that up so we can potentially sell some of these investment sites. Also preparing on using some of these to do more amazon product marketing.

Also studying about new HNS (a decentralized DNS) which I have a strong feeling may disrupt how the web resolves. Still it is a bit in the future but I do hope it works. The idea is .com will go away and there will be a whole bunch of new TLDs (.upsy for example is one we own) – so people can have their own .name to use for their own websites or let others pay/rent/borrow/use free their own sites. More on our service for this or http://home.skyinclude if you’re using the new HNS protocol (but won’t work on current web browsers)//

Also studying and preparing SOPs for us to manage our social media marketing better with all these Facebook pages and business managers and groups – stay tuned for that.

Keep up the hard work team. I know many are working hard for the long term of the company – and this is the goal – to have a strong team and multiple income sources so that we can last any kind of pandemic in the future and work online for ourselves and our families.

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