Entering Q4 + Chinese National Holiday

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Oct 3- 9, 2021

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We are in Q4 (fourth quarter of the year) and the rest of the year normally flies by! So let’s make the most of what this year 2021 has to offer. though the 20’s (2020, 2021) have been mainly lockdowns and separation, let us appreciate what we have and how we have evolved during this uncertain time.

The quick list for this week:

  • It is a Chinese National holiday all week so not much happening on China business side.
  • HR onboarding – 2 new team members at Shadstone – community manager and client services /HR associate. So new team members always takes a bit of extra time and attention. Also our GM is off this week.
  • Indigitus router – Preparing the final specs and details for the next release, as well as a fair system for release.
  • Web work, with a quieter China business side, hope to finish more website work, specifically NowShenzhen apartment section.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Oct 3 – 9, 2021 Shadstone Limited

Lots of new faces are joining us here at Shadstone and that means a lot of work for learning and setup! But with any investment, both in time and resources, the goal is to create positive return for the long term benefit of each individual and our team.

On top of this, our GM is on vacation this week!

Yet this may work out as it is a week-long holiday in Mainland China (Oct 1 – 8) for National Day. Factories, businesses, banks are all closed down.

Let’s all work hard on welcoming our new team members and just like you were overwhelmed starting here, realize, they are too!

Our first new hire is joining to help with the GFAVIP community management. We just had a great online and offline member session last week and things are on a high there. We are excited to have her here to be dedicated on this community as we need that “TLC” (tender love and care).

A second new hire is joining us to work on helping us in a few roles – HR associate supporting our HR manager while also working in client services to build up our department there as it is a bit overwhelmed. On top of that, she will be doing some ESL for my kids and maybe this can also build back into the GFA Kids project we tested earlier in the year.

Our HR manager still getting situated but doing amazing and I need to spend more time reviewing the contacts and policies she has been improving and creating for the team.

So a lot of HR and training this week.

On the project side,

GFA is getting more active again. We had a nice meetup (as mentioned above) both in person here in Shenzhen, China, as well as online via zoom at the same time. It was our first time to try this and a little rocky at the start but it ended up working well for all of us.

Indigitus router is intense – anyone on the team who works within the project can see that. We did an AMA last week with the 200 ambassadors and everyone is just so excited for this product to come to life.

The Amazon brand of bar products is still delayed as the shipping fee for 1 container is 30,000 USD. Just too insane when it normally is 3000 to maybe 5000 USD in a “normal world”. But the question is, how long will this go on. It does seem that the shipping rates are starting to come down though. We did a GFA podcast interview w/ Forest Shipping last week and she reported that container fees are dropping.

Clients seem happy, and there is an event for 1 early this coming week. So, probably we’ll have pressure to update website and member signups – client services department prepare for that.

Preparing for the next Flamingo Handshake auction. We still have a few weeks but should always try to be ahead of the rush if possible.

Now Shenzhen – so much web work to do. Also our partner Dave is reviewing various wire frames and preparing various workflows for the user generated content. Let’s make this one amazing more than ever in its history. Really hope we can get the apartment section moved over this week.

May be missing various projects but in general, this week we have a Chinese national holiday, a core team member is on vacation, and we are onboarding 2 new team members. And of course, running our various web and content businesses.

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