Grinding Into 2021, Come Out 10x

In now by Michael Michelini

What is Mike Michelini up to now – Jan 17 – 23, 2021

Honestly, I’m just so overwhelmed with work. I thought these lockdowns would slow things down but for the past year, it is busier than ever. All the “offline” is being replaced with tons of online meetings, calls, and work.

COVID tests seem to be over/slowing down where we are in China. Hard to know, but I’m not getting phone calls to go to the testing center and cases are down.

Trying hard to “come out of this” insane time in our life 10x better, and things are moving that way.

Quick highlights:
* Team is becoming more IT – more IT projects for our own internal needs and clients.
* Management team – learning how to work with a management team and to “let go” seems to be going smoother.
* GFAVIP masterminds this week – Tuesday and Wednesday, Asia/EU, and Americas/Asia time zone friendly sessions. Community seems to be adjusting well to these online masterminds.
* Handshake.mercenary – launching a new free online forum for the Handshake (HNS) community and hope to get it more widely known the coming week with some announcements in the community.
* IT client projects and transitioning still of team members – December 2020 was rough with team turnover, but January has been improving and new team members are learning well. Plus, more IT team is needed as that is a top request.
* Incoming client for online event management and content JV – more projects for creating and managing online events as well as content and joint ventures (as usual).

Let’s all keep focused and while there are these lockdowns and stress in the real world, the online world is really picking up.

Now, for the “team update” which I selectively share publicly below:

Week Plan Jan 17 – 23, 2021 Shadstone Limited

Fingers still bitter cold as I type this, the gloves even special thin ones for typing, don’t cut it for me. So typos all over the place 😉

Some updates on what is happening:

* Our newest social media marketer is getting the “hang” of all our tools and systems. Realizing our social media position is a bit more technical with all the accounts we have and various tools to use them. Thanks for sticking through all the IT and SOP setup.

* Our new outreach specialist is helping with influencer outreach and is doing great. I had a call with her on the Amazon brand launch and outreach campaign, and she convinced me New York Bar Store site / brand is a better one to use for reaching out to influencers as it is old, established, and less “commercial” as a brand reaching out to someone. Plus, we can use the authority of that site to offer these influencers blog posts and features on that social media and website blog posts.

* Had a TON of podcasts and GFAVIP member sessions in the middle of last week. 3 in the span of 2 days. I gotta try to spread them out more, but sometimes calendar bookings all collide. Still, it was a good experience and I feel the GFAVIP member community is really moving along well with regular applications and signups.

* Our client projects are getting technical with the affiliate system needing custom development. Our IT team management is working closely with a new developer in his network to get it done and seems on track for early this week.

* As many of you know, I’m getting us deep into “Handshake / HNS” of the new decentralized web. Feels like “a right move” as Donald Trump and others are getting banned off the “old internet” of DNS and walled gardens. Skyinclude is our blog, and we are launching a forum for it called “Handshake.mercenary” http://handshake.mercenary (accessible on the old web at Handshake Mercenary which will get some promotion in the community next week even more.

* KeyBlogging seems to be really picking up with more applications for writers.

* We may do an online event for a Singapore company as a service. Still early stage but moving along in the pipeline well.

To be honest, we are really pushing on all cylinders, but my favorite part is the management team has been developing well. It is allowing me to work more on business development and new industry projects like Handshake and client requests.

Let’s keep the positive momentum. And, even though we are all locked at home and in one of the craziest times of our lifetime, let’s use this time to learn more, work more, and get to the next level in tech business.

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