Stick to the 3C: Content, Consulting, Community

My friend Jeff in Shenzhen always comes up with business models, and on a call recently explained that I am a 3C.

To focus on consulting, content creation, and community building. This is my strength.

That I cannot make a product / software system on my own.

I would have to agree on those 3C being my strength. Plus it is a catchy way to remember – 3C or CCC (I remember a radio show back in the day W CCC)


I put this first, as this is really my passion – to create and build content. To have something that can be scaled and used and consumed even after I am gone from this world. Hope that some of the things we create here are used for a long time. And of course, content is also how people find out about me and the projects we are doing.



True, this is what I am – a consultant. Over the years I resist it, as there is the concern I am not building anything long term, not building an asset. So I often put the pressure on myself to make something. Those who follow the blog know the various projects I have worked on.



From startups to ecommerce to Asia / China business, events and memberships have been built over the years goes on and on. And this is where I connect with those people who read the content.


So Jeff says – stick to those 3C whenever I am doing something. Do not deviate. To stick with our strengths. Hope to work with him more, as he is great at product development, and weak at these 3C above. So the idea is – we join our forces on projects together and really make something happen.