Week Plan Nov 24-30 2019 [suddenly big changes for 2020]

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What’s Mike Up To Now – Nov 24 – Nov 30, 2019

* Back in Chiang Mai – was a fast and intense few days in Taipei, Taiwan and Bangkok, feels great to be back.
* Full week of NO travel – just working on the laptop.
* Planning 2020, thinking very strategically.
* Wife and kids going to China for first half of 2020 – ya, big news. My wife’s mom is also now sick in hospital, and her dad has been in and out – and she needs to go there to care for them. Plan is to come back to Chiang Mai in the end of the summer for Fall semester.

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Lucas Ellis

Sorry to hear about your wife’s mom Mike. Ever consider moving back to China? Whats keeping you in Thailand? Best wishes

Lucas Ellis

How’s the cost of living in North China vs. Chiang Mai, Mike?