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What Mike is Up To Now

* Still here in Shenyang, a few friends/ business associates have tempted me to travel down to South China (Shenzhen, etc) but really just avoiding travel right now. Was so hard to get back to my family do not want any more unnecessary risks.
* Being a website geek – more and more content, content sites, client sites. Just building out sites every day.
* Huge upgrades to our business podcast/blog site – Global From Asia. A big upgrade.
* Considering selling more of the sites we have been building. Always tough deciding holding vs selling something, websites, business, or even toys when I was a kid!

Week Plan July 19 – 25, 2020 – Shadstone Limited
Let’s keep creating and building. So much to do.

Today is Sunday July 19 – and today we are helping deploy the Newly updated Global From Asia website. Maybe it won’t look too different on the outside, but on the inside a lot was upgraded with fixing links and html issues in the site over the years.

Some highlights:
* 2 rows of headers. This site is huge – we helped to implement a 2 header menu bar. And the cool thing is the header changes depending on where on the site you are – the second header that is. So the first header keeps the visitor able to see which main section of the site they want to go to – and then the second menu changes depending on where you are.
* Moving chunks of content to subdomains. The big one is – as we mentioned, we are slowing down the news initiative, and it is a big chunk of content on the main site to maintain. Moving to a subdomain means we do not need to deploy this when we upgrade the main site – making things faster /easier for us to do on the main content. Others are (chinese language) and (Spanish language)

From this clean up – will be updating / optimizing the SOPs for podcast posting, and do hope to get our video iTunes channel back online. Let’s double down and grow this after al the work from these years on it.

Anne has been doing great learning all the systems and starting to help us make content audits for the sites and how to upgrade and improve them. As with all new people on the team, it is overwhelming – but in her role especially -as there aren’t clear SOPs in place and there are so many sites – so your patience when workin with her is appreciated as she catches up.

We have a Can Chan mastermind session on Wednesday night 7pm to midnight. May get a couple people to sign up – it was an experiment but I think we need to think more on how to make it more clear – maybe also give it extra time before the session happens – 1 week from the podcast is not enough time.

Angelica has been giving good tips and insights on how to increase member engagement – and we plan to re-start the member series – so I am excited for that.

Also planning to add an iTunes video podcast – been thinking on how to do that for a while and think I know how.

Client content projects
Investment content projects
GFA media / membership tweaking

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