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What Mike Michelini Is Up To Now – March 21 – 27, 2021

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I can’t help but look back 1 year ago when the world was locked down. So happy I documented it on some of the last vlogs I have ever done and compiled them here at (for those who want to go through memory lane with me.)

Quick things this week:

  • Post-HandyCon collaboration discussions, lots of opportunities to consider in the Handshake ecosystem for SkyInclude team
  • Team leadership developments – made hard, hard moves lately but the team is holding up and excelling. Working on adding more leaders and expanding the leadership team (with paid marketing division)
  • Recruiting a GFA community manager. Putting feelers out but not going to fill it just to fill it. Needs to be a good fit.
  • Our bar products Amazon brand is so close, listings being made.
  • Turning down opportunities as too many are coming. Unbelievable abundance.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan March 21-27, 2021 Shadstone Limited

So proud of our amazing team. Leaders are stepping up and developing, on the fly calls have been setup to discuss projects and solve problems and communication has improved.

Thank you team.

We are seeing more leaders emerge and want to keep empowering people to grow in the organization. Stay tuned for updates, but the main one is we are adding paid marketing to our services and have a few clients lining up already. Still working out that flow, but I am truly amazed at how our team has bonded and communicated with all the various steps (collect client info, create plan, coordinate on payment and account setup, etc).

Also still “riding the wave” from an amazing HandyCon, the first ever Handshake conference. So many amazing connections and ideas that came from it and our team did amazing things. Also great to see our team interested in the Handshake domain space and decentralization.

I’m so happy I found out about it as I was “giving up” on spending time and money adding content to Facebook, Youtube, etc. I just seriously do not feel I own any of it and at any time it can be demonetized (not that creators get that much, youtube keeps so much) or deleted totally. The web 2.0, I do not trust it. The platforms control everything and can delete our content at any time, because we “checked the TOS box” when signing up.

The new dWeb is the other way around. The users own their identity and own their content. Still at its super early stage so we have to be careful to not lose focus on the “old internet” as that is how we earn our income mainly.

But we are finding more and more ways to fit into the new dWeb.

Our new Amazon brand which has been 6+ months in process is finally coming to life. Listings are being made and packaging being printed with bar codes. We are lining up influencers and preparing for a huge launch with 40+ products at once for the biggest one I have ever been involved in.

And more and more power hour and consulting clients and collaborations coming to us like never before. We just need to turn down some of these opportunities as we just have too much.

We are putting out feelers to see if we can find a GFA community manager to really take the lead on the marketing and sales as well as the community side. Brainstorming new ways to add more benefit to members and have as much impact as possible. But we are getting more members signing up and current members happy so we are doing something right :0)

While there is still a lot of stress and uncertainty (I think there always will be, so long as we are pushing our limits and making a difference in the world). I just want to thank our team. I know there are so many changes.

Can you believe 1 year ago we were all going into lockdown. The company has been through a lot and will do whatever it can to take care of team members who have been with us through good times and bad times.

Let’s get to a new level, build multiple streams of income from our various SBUs (Strategic business units – read on that at and build an empire that can support our team and our families for the long term.

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