What’s Mike Up To – March 29 – April 4, 2020 (Quarantine…)

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What is Mike Michelini Up To now? March 29 – April 4, 2020

Well, I’m in Mainland China about 20 minutes drive from my wife and kids. But I am in a 14 day quarantine, so still have not seen them.

Yet I’m about halfway through! This coming week will be a solid week in this hotel room.
Never bored though, with internet and a ton of work to do – the latest project is

Loadpipe.com – a community group buying platform to allow you to get factory direct prices for these medical supplies / masks at low MOQs (minimum order quantities) as we are pooling together the orders of multiple buyers around the world and leveraging our community of amazing service providers (sourcing agents, QC, logistics) to ensure the order is done correctly.

My birthday is on Thursday April 2. May do a Facebook live or something…

Fully focused on getting that system rolling this week.

Full res images for Stephenie:

Company week plan

Week Plan March 29 – April 4, 2020 – Shadstone Limited

Greetings from quarantine. Actually it isn’t too bad, just locked in an average quality hotel in the north of China. By next Sunday for the next week update I should be checking out of this place (my contract w/ the quarantine group is Sunday April 5, 2020 I am done). Will be here for my birthday April 2.

I hope everyone is safe and healthy – that is the most important thing. Working on getting masks and other supplies to people – and as you know we have the sourcing business service – https://www.shadstone-sourcing.com/masks/ but that has been a bit manual and it sparked the re-building of a startup I had worked on back in 2007 –

www.Loadpipe.com – a group buying factory direct community platform. Worked on it last week with Hau and Stephenie and now it is online and adding users. We are not opening it to the public, it is a closed/private beta as there is a lot of manual things that still need to be done. We have partnered up with Chance Jiang in China, an IT expert on Wechat and cross-border ecommerce projects and his team has a lot of experience making similar type projects.

Making an internal team overview video of it for you all now (private)

And that is the focus – still continuing the GFA podcast and mikesblog video blogs – but really focusing all energy now on launching load pipe. To help SME (small to medium sized) people buy these masks and medical supplies from the factory direct – as well as have our system to help track/follow their order through the whole supply chain.

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