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What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Sept 26, 2021

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Typing this up Sunday morning and the kids are GOING TO SCHOOL! Definitely a crazy pet peeve of China work / school schedule – with holidays coming up (Oct National holiday, first week of October), they have offices and schools open up on various weekend dates in advance to buffer/add more days on the holiday week. So they are in school, and I guess I’ll work per normal (though I work every day anyway ha)

So the quick things this week:

  • Wrapping up last week’s NamesCon / Flamingo Handshake auction – it was intense last week. This week, we will work on some feedback/recap/settlement of names
  • Thursday evening GFAVIP session on “How to sell your Amazon brand” in person but also online for GFAVIP members only.
  • Wednesday – golfing with top Chinese Amazon sellers.
  • HR manager onboarding and HR department building
  • Indigitus AMA and some significant updates

Probably missing some points, just amazing things happening. The dream continues to come true. The “overnight success” only takes 13+ years ha.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Sept 26 – Oct 2, 2021 Shadstone Limited

TEAM we are making amazing things happen. History in the making, though I am still recovering from 3+ days of waking up 2am to 3am to host an online conference (NamesCon) but it seems it was all worth it. The future to me is clear – the decentralized web is the future and yes, we are so so so early/ But it still seems clear to me.

So the second half of last week – the team stepped up and was amazing, thank you. I was really overloaded with the MC of the Handshake track at Namescon (in the middle of the night on top of it) and our leadership and talented team has done outstanding, per usual.

And I hope all of you know that and enjoy what you are doing and creating. We are building a company of the future, where we can work online, flexible hours, delivering amazing results above all – while also following our company values, which again are, SLOT:

SL – self learning – we are able to find the answers to the best of our ability, from SOPs to Google and Youtube. We will try to learn and continually learn. And share what we learn to the others on the team.

O – Online – we love to work online and use the tools and methods the company has put in place to have this privilege to work at home or anywhere we like, any time we like.

T – teamwork – we are able to communicate with others on the team to sort out any issues or questions. We are tolerant and patient to help others and work as a team to complete the tasks and projects to the best of our ability.

This leads to the HR department, which we are building. Hopefully you have all gotten a chance to talk to her!

Welcome our HR manager! Our first dedicated HR manager and already I realize we should have had her on the team for years already. She is here to LISTEN to you and help the company go to the next level. We want to create a communication channel if you have HR or company questions. She is here to listen (of course can also speak to our general manager or me or your department manager if you prefer). She is reviewing our HR SOPs and guidelines and making a long list of improvements. Hope this is a net positive for the team and the company. Let us all work together to continue to grow together as a team.

This Wednesday evening, 7pm Asia time we have our monthly team call where we can get to know her and others on the team. We are also discussing more ways to improve that team call and your feedback is welcome as well.

Also since we’re talking HR, our General Manager is taking a vacation for the first week of October – her birthday too! She’s a superstar here as we all know, and while I’m nervous the company can live that week without her, I’m super happy she will take some much needed rest and relaxation. (I have to admit, I need one soon too, as well as others here I’m sure!)

Now that we have an HR manager, we are going to be interviewing more people. We are regularly getting job applicants and we hope to be able to better field them and find the right people and put them in the right spots while also balancing our company revenue and sales side. GFA community is one I’d like to invest in as soon as possible as I feel I / we are neglecting it.

On the project side:

  • NowShenzhen is a massive ongoing web development project. Our partner is traveling in NYC so the business side still has yet to get up to speed. But the goal is hopefully a more public announcement of the new site and structure to the community early to mid-October (though there is a week long holiday in the first week of October)
  • Indigitus – we are doing amazing on the Shadstone side with the amazing new website, and also the client services, community. We are close to making a public announcement about the 200 units and the public launch. Also, there will be an AMA later this week.
  • Shadstone consulting Clients seem happy with new leads coming in as well as this ongoing SkyInclude dWeb website project – may need some client services help on the Skyinclude services side to be honest.
  • GFA and the Amazon FBA acquisitions – this Thursday evening we have a meetup in Shenzhen. I HOPE it works where I can share it online for our GFAVIP members. It is about my balancing idea of online and offline members and events (on top of all the stuff happening here too)

Amazing things are happening for us. And, I hope you know I appreciate all of you. It has been so many years of roller coaster rides as with any business or life in general. But we just keep on going and learning and improving. Get knocked down. But, like Rocky Balboa says, you just need to get up again.

Hope all of you are happy here. Please know that you are appreciated. And hopefully, with HR department being formed, all things can be better smoothed out. I love to provide opportunity for people, and love to build and create. Let us keep doing it and growing it even more.

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