Finally – Officially 2021 in China + Rest of the World!

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Feb 14 – 20, 2021

Listen as audio here – 4 minutes long – (or scroll down for text)

Want to watch the video of my kid’s welcoming in the year of the Ox (In Chinese?) – watch here

  • More leadership and management training w/ Janette Toral and the company management (something I wish we did a long time ago, but better late than never)
  • Deeper into Handshake (HNS) and the decentralized internet (via our SkyInclude blog and videos and growing service)
  • Sales and client services department structure / restructure
  • Influencer / ambassador program further development

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Feb 14 – 20, 2021 Shadstone Limited

Well, we are past “both new years” (solar and lunar) and it is 100% without question, 2021. It is also now well past 1 year of COVID, and let us all pray the worst of that nightmare is behind us. It was the year of the rat and I have a better feeling about the year of the Ox.

Our company, like almost every company in existence, has been through a review and revise. Looking for the right way to re-position ourselves in a post-COVID world. While our team worked online, a lot of our income did come from offline (Pre-covid) with consulting, training, workshops, and events. So we are still adapting and adjusting.

Global From Asia is a media website for Asia business and trade. We made updates to it to add the “services” tab and Internet marketing / content creation is how we are moving forward to gain revenue and sustain the team. We will start to promote and mention that GFA has an agency of content creation (Content Investments) and SEO (Shadstone) in the content more and more. We are working on a bundle package of GFAVIP membership with certain services as a bonus.

SkyInclude is our newer service in a “risky”, early stage (now just passing 1 year) Handshake decentralized internet. It is a service to help create content and move/build websites on Handshake. By making and being credited as the service to put the 1 year anniversary page on Handshake (http://review.handshake/) we are really establishing ourselves as a go-to source for building and marketing sites in the new decentralized internet.

Our Amazon FBA new brand (partnership with the Thailand factory), in the bar products niche, is using our internet marketing and content creation skills as our part of the JV and partnership.

Why am I trying all of them out? Because, I’m trying to “connect” all these projects together for clarity.

Shadstone is the “engine” of all these businesses above. And the focus of all these businesses is the website creation / porting / content. That is our strength, and that is what we do.

Hope this helps you to understand more clearly as well.

Janette Toral from Digital Filipino has been great, doing 3 sessions for our company last week, and three per week going forward:

  • Monday– Janette / Mike 1 on 1. Being a leader, building the company of leaders to grow. (Mike truly believes the reason holding us back is himself)
  • Thursdays – Janette and the leadership team – (SEO), (Operations & Writing), (IT / Web). Mike will not be on the call.
  • Fridays – Sales boot camp with Janette. Almost all of us agree, we need to build out the sales and client services department.

Mike is working on connecting the Handshake/decentralized web / SkyInclude a bit more into his “persona brand” and content marketing strategy. Main concern is it is in its very early stage and still a bit high risk and doesn’t want to “shill” (promote crypto, to people who aren’t educated). But am getting over this, I believe in it and truly believe we need an open internet (after living in China with closed internet and Facebook’s walled garden, etc). So on Twitter been promoting it more and doing Clubhouse calls and being more of a leader/face in the Handshake and decentralized web community.

Still a lot of HR and management things to sort out, new people coming, current people leaving / reducing hours. This is something we are doing OK with. But with the higher volume of turnover we need to further improve our SOPs and systems.

Main point – I’m really excited to have the coaching help from Janette, it is perfect timing.

Hope these week plans help everyone. The goal is to clarify and make the team understand what is happening.

BUT the other idea is the need to develop leaders. The idea is everyone in the company now has this great opportunity. We are growing, we are getting more structure and clarity and we need leaders. Each person here can lead a project or a department and we want more people to step up.

This is my dream, to give opportunity to people, to allow a system to empower people to earn an income and grow their skills.

If you want more opportunity, please let management know!

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