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What’s Mike Michelini up to now – Nov 15 – 21, 2020

Really feel like 2021 is just around the corner – especially once we hit Thanksgiving and the holiday shopping season. Let’s make the most of the rest of this insane year and double down for an amazing 2021.

* Working on my salesmanship skills, know it is my weakness and investing in a coach and program
* Launching a new ecommerce brand. tons of work before Jan 2021.
* Working on making a more organized influencer / social media platform for people in then community to help share things and get rewarded, Get Frenzi.
* GFAVIP community is coming together nicely, having more in the community joining the stage for the live streaming sessions and upcoming mastermind sessions.
* Again, trying to stop micromanaging the team too much and be more a coach to the amazing team we have. So blessed.

For those curious – here’s the week plan for the company Shadstone Limited. Removing some sensitive info like names and company info – but doo want to share as much as possible:

Week Plan Shadstone Limited Nov 15 – 21, 2020

USA Thanksgiving holiday is coming up – week after next – and that means Christmas sales for ecommerce – Black Friday (Friday Nov 27) and Cyber Monday (Monday Nov 30) this year – so will be busy for ecommerce.

Hope those who attended the Shadstone monthly team building enjoyed it – some say Friday evenings are not convenient for them – others had internet connectivity issues. Open to all suggestions, the goal for the company is to have the team know each other a bit more and build more culture.

Last week was just exhausting for a bunch of us – so many online events basically every single day:
Monday / Tuesday – 2 day online event. Team did amazing and was fast to keep on top of the wechat and the updates as it happened with the online signups and all that crazy last minute stuff that always happens with events. Especially this larger and more premium one, it went well so thank you team.

Wednesday we had the Nov 11 (11/11 is Singles day) double header for GFA streaming 7pm and 8pm

Thursday we had 2 webinars for Seller Candy where we are an affiliate and helping promote.

Friday we had the Shadstone team building call.

So basically -every day there was intense online events happening.

But that makes us stronger. And more experienced. And building up one of the cores in the company:

CCC – Community, Content, Consulting.

That is what Shadstone is building up in.

On the content side – the content team is doing great – we are getting more online applications for too – and clients are happy with our work. The crazy thing on Keyblogging, I was checking it (for another project – GetFrenzi) and realized we didn’t link the public WWW site to the application page, and once we did that, we started to get applications from people on the internet.

We are working on GetFrenzi platform now too – which is a similar style platform as Keyblogging – except for brands and influencers – as we are doing more product (and service) related projects that need reviews and social media exposure, the goal is we build up a community of micro influencers who can help us when there are new products and services we want to have checked out. Thanks IT team for helping with that, and it is coming along well now at (those who use keyblogging the login is the same)

Duosea the “no signup, auto translate” fast chat is still in bug fixing and iOS is yet to be submitted – but keep developing the idea.

GFA side, trying to get more of the community members to help with the live streaming and the masterminds – there are members helping us with the mastermind.

Close to getting a big sponsor on GFA too – they are close to the GFA partner package seems 90% there and will really help support the community.

Building up the content sites well too and plan to grow them more – many domains are up for expiration and we are dropping those with little value and doubling-down on what is good.

Great work by the team on (not yet online) he has been consistently working on that for a few months now and can’t wait until helps us get it deployed to production (go live).

Just trying to organize more and build more KPI on

I also believe I mentioned but I invested in a sales coach, Gilbert, to help with my confidence and shyness on selling. I know it is a big barrier to the success of the company – and he is coaching me to prepare for a webinar on Scale By Outsourcing for Tuesday Nov 24 at 8pm.

What is in store this coming week?
Well – more GFA calls on Wednesday – 2 again – 1pm and 8pm . And I am also invited to be on a crypto panel at 7pm – so Wednesday will be intense.

We are going through sites and organizing them and getting out projects to those waiting. Scholarship database is on the short list, and also a directory build out for

Trying to organize all the online events too – will need to add the Mastermind schedule on the – but this is private only for GFAVIP members. But nice to show it publicly so people know what they are missing.

As I mentioned in previous weeks – we are experimenting with Handshake sites (HNS) which is a crypto version of DNS – very early stage but hope our current sites can bridge into this once it goes more mainstream. If you are interested about this, it is experiment stage so DM me on Slack.

I hope everyone is happy with the work here – the team is amazing – we have great people and if any questions or concerns – please never hesitate to message me or management or find an anonymous way (we do have surveys) on how we can do better. A company is only as good as the people working within it – and you are all very important to the success here. Hope you know that.

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