Out of Quarantine, Full Week Plan April 12-18, 2020

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What Is Mike Michelini Upto Now – April 12 – 18, 2020

Greetings from Shenyang, China – it is still cold here (15% C) and warmer outside than inside (because no heating turned on in the buildings).
This coming week will be my first full week out of Quarantine , last Monday night I was released, and it took quite a few days for me to re-adjust.
Will be on BBC UK radio Monday morning local time to update listeners on how it feels to be out of quarantine and with family
Loadpipe is the main focus, putting together group buy 3 – this time hazmat suits and maybe a testing kit. Working on processes and checklists and team building for this group buy system
Potential investors already interested to do an angel round in Loadpipe, preparing and improving a pitch deck.
It is happening so fast but I am not going to slow it down.

Here’s the Shadstone company week plan for those who want to read a lot more details of this week.

Week Plan April 12 – 18, 2020 for Shadstone Limited company:

Well, last week I got out of quarantine and kind of got sick after! I think it is because so much stress and so cold here and I don’t even have warm clothes – the hotel I think had heat but the home I am staying at does not.

But we are moving forward. Most of our focus now is moving towards loadpipe.com project and we have completed 2 group buys and are preparing another one for next week.

Also the USA banking service seems to be re-activating again so we can send leads to our preferred agent again,. speak to Alex about that.

Working on ways to have you help me more, right now honestly I am also stressed and sick because I feel a lot of the pressure of loadpipe on me – so I am working as hard as I can to make SOPs and explain the system to you all:

Bookkeeping for Jeanie – which I really need help on. The week group buys finish at noon Fridays and then we have big pressure to make the report and send to the suppliers and logistics to get it moving forward.

Webinar setup, email marketing, product listing, group buy preparing – Stephenie has been learning this fast and helped a bunch last week – the idea is we have these live webinars each week to discuss the week buys status from the past, give an overall status of the Loadpipe system, and to talk about the upcoming group buy. We also are working hard to get the community involved, to bring the QC company, the logistics company, the supplier onto the call so that they can re-assure the group buyer community on who they are working with.

Think it is about time to make a Loadpipe Youtube channel – and further separate Loadpipe from our other businesses as its own “thing”.

Also investors have been approaching us, as well as more who want to join the team. I’ve been making and updating a pitch deck (powerpoint) and improving it regularly. So it makes sense to start to separate more and more from Shadstone as it will become its own “thing” very soon.

For next week, Wendy and our friend in Shenyang, Travis, took us to a factory of “hazmat” suits over the weekend. Getting quotes and info and taking video – it all seems to make sense – Loadpipe is our platform to drive traffic to from Mike’s Blog, Global From Asia, and our other marketing channels.

So this week hope to get you more clear SOPs and systems to help build out Loadpipe workflow even more.

Mindy, I have a pending project template to show you, it is pretty massive, but the idea is each group buy is a “task checklist” we work on. I just feel there are more things in it that need to be done – but maybe we start a project Group Buy 3 in the portal and improve it / add to it as we go?

full res images for social media team:

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