Where is Mike March 15? Lockdown in Bohol – Going to Cebu

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What is Mike Up To – March 15 – 21, 2020

* Well, ya. Basically writing this up from Bohol island in Philippines for a Shadstone company retreat we had planned for months – which overlapped completely with the sudden lockdown of Metro Manila and I can’t fly back to Manila now. Going to take a ferry with our amazing video editor Alvin and stay in Cebu for a night by night basis and evaluate.
* Flying to China on Tuesday, March 17, and will go through 14 day quarantine to get back to my family.
* Alpha Rock Capital making a contingency plan now that Manila is on lockdown. Will host webinars for investors.
* The retreat was still amazing and valuable for us to know each other, the company, and work on this new personal branding content. Expect more epic content to come.
* Working with people on dealing with the virus to build truly evergreen businesses that are online and multi channel.

And here’s my week plan for the Shadstone team – but may as well share (parts) of it for those interested to read more than the bullet points:

Week Plan March 15 – 21, 2020 Shadstone Limited

Will be putting some updates and video blogs on mikesblog.com for the retreat so check it out there.

Basically – I left Manila the night before the lockdown was announced to attend our company retreat we have been planning for months.

It was really great to meet the team – our amazing management team – Alvin, LJ, Mindy, Stephenie, and we discussed a lot and had some fun too – but it was cut short.

A lot will come from this retreat – and I hope it makes the company direction and organization more clear for everyone.

Soon you will see an org chart
Also a new way of sharing files and organization in the handbook and drive.
Better communication
And more people know all the crazy stuff locked up in my head.

This is a shorter week plan – because I don’t want to write more about the insanity of the Coronavirus -but obviously things will be slower work wise and people around the world are just trying to survive. But hope to help our clients and members in the community get through this bigger and better than ever.

As crazy as it sounds – we are getting clients from this – Chinese factories are signing up for marketing packages, and others around the world are coming to us for consulting about how to adapt to this online, working online, e-commerce future of a world.

The world will change forever from this global epidemic.

The future is working online.

Office work will go down from this.
Event management will always have clauses now about this kind of epidemic – for attendees and sponsors.

While it is scary – the strong will survive and come out of this 10x bigger and better once it is over.

Let’s be one of those. We will be one of those companies.

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  1. That’s great Mike. What kind of marketing packages are the Chinese factories signing up for?

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