Halfway Through 2020: What Mike’s Up To NOW

In now by Michael Michelini

What is Mike Up To Now – June 21 – 27, 2020

Real fast:

* Enjoying father’s day with the wife and kids. Grateful that I am with them. And sending my deepest regards to those around the world separated from their family due to these troubling and challenging COVID times.
* Sending out more and more marketing / content proposals.
* Loadpipe / Ray / post PPE development
* GFA media – requests for media sponsorship again which is inspiring. Fixing the site up a ton.
* Focus on my strengths – Jeff told me – 3C (content, consulting, community) read more here

This “now” is essentially the same as the week plan I sent to my team – so here it is:

Week Plan June 21-27, 2020 Shadstone Limited

Dearest team,
We are almost halfway through the year! And as all of us must agree, what a year it has been.

I do feel things turning back around in the world, I do feel a huge surge in business for the rest of the year.

We have a bunch of proposals close to closing for our Shadstone consulting division and will convert a few before month end. Content creation, content marketing is our game, and we are picking up. Also looking at a media sponsorship for GFA – which is what GFA had done in the past as its main business model.

Many of you see we are working hard on the static site conversion – which has caused us to identify many more items to optimize in the Global From Asia site – and we’ve been working hard on fixing those broken images / broken links – and trying our best to speed up the site (as it is really slow!).

Loadpipe we are still re-adjusting post PPE, working on some potential orders (from samples to small wholesale). Those who are asking us to help sell their products are those trying to liquidate their products. Maybe that is what Loadpipe is – a liquidation / move fast your stock platform. Angelica – thank you for your insights – and others too are welcome to share their insights and suggestions.

The week ahead:
* Kickoff some new content marketing consulting projects – a few new started last week and more starting this week.
* Ray for Loadpipe / Loadpipe reflecting – he has been traveling in China and doesn’t have access to the outside internet – back this Wednesday. Do hope to make that deal – he saw the terms and accepted them – the hiccup has been he didn’t know all our tools need to the outside of China internet. Will need to meet him once he is back and see if he can access “the outside world” (crazy isn’t it).
* GFA over this weekend is getting upgraded quite a bit, hope to put it online today (Sunday) so that we can test it over the week to see if it is improved. Hope to get that media sponsorship package. Re-inspired to make it a media site and a place for people to connect with those who need the help (in business we call that lead generation) .
* Content team SOPs, workflows – as we grow more and more content and our team – working on more SOPs and workflows to use.

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