Week Plan May 17 – 23, 2020

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What Mike is Up to Now – May 17-23, 2020

This NOW page has helped me quite a bit as friends ask me where I am and what is happening now with all the changes they see in my social media. Hope people remember to simply go to mikesblog.com/now to see the latest, updated each Sunday (where I do my week planing)

This week:
* Just moved into a new apartment here in Shenyang and are “centralizing” the family. Kids have their own room now, and moving things out of the aunt-in-law’s and the parents-in-law. As I mentioned, we are literally one building over from my wife’s parents so will be still spending a lot of time there -but it has helped to have our own family “headquarters”.
* Loadpipe group buy 8, focusing again on community.
* Content creation as always, have new website projects coming in.
* Still looking for a community manager to help in Loadpipe, but have some solid candidates.

for those who want to read SOME (removed some confidential info) of our company week plan:

Week Plan May 17 – 23, 2020 Shadstone Limited

Hope everyone is doing well, a bit over 2 months since the Shadstone management retreat in Bohol, but to me feels like years ago – so much has changed! A bit on my personal side, I just moved into a new apartment here in Shenyang, China in the same building complex as my in-laws and am home schooling my kids a couple hours a day.

We are getting the hang of the loadpipe system and making some adjustments to the weekly group buy schedule. This week will be group buy 8.

Also further developing the gfavip.com membership by adding different non-business content like meditation and mindfulness and last week’s member call people really enjoyed it. We are all going through a huge transition and I am excited about it.

Working on more content investments projects – one bigger one is (removed from public) and his podcast. Hoping we can get more of these projects as that really is what our team is all about – content creation. So we should focus on what we are good at.

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