What Mike’s Up To May 24-30, 2020

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What is Mike Michelini up to now – May 24 – 30, 2020

* Settling in to the new apartment / new life in North China. Morning work, afternoon calls, late afternoon home school my kids.
* Re-starting Loadpipe group buy 8, with Cindy as the seller this week, and re-adjusting to be a more platform system.
* Experimenting with more GFAVIP member calls, have a special one this week with Laurence Brahm about Shambhala.
* Team adjustments as we move to a more community focused business and content creation. Angelica is back as community manager.

Team plan:

Week Plan May 24 – 30, 2020 Shadstone Limited

Last week of May – time is flying by!

We’re focusing on community – that is the key to everything. Listening to the community in Loadpipe (well GFA side) and also the GFAVIP community and adjusting things.

Last week we took a pause on Loadpipe group buys to reflect and plan. We are working on becoming more of a system and tool for buyers and sellers in B2B to use. This week we will have a new group buy and adjusting more and more to be a platform and a tool rather than a seller.

For GFAVIP people really enjoy the more “live” calls where we talk about a person’s use case and it is more interactive.

Angelica is back on the team – she was with us in 2017 – and has re-joined to help with community of Loadpipe and GFA – so excited as we really need her help.

Loadpipe should be a community platform – we should not be the ecommerce seller – we are the community bringing together the buyer and seller.

Great work on our clients sites and content, getting more work from them on Content Investments

Been tweaking a lot of our mini-sites lately, trying to get the flow going of building up smaller sites for our website group – as I love to work on a lot of small projects and hope we can get a good flow for that going.

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