What’s Mike Upto May31-June 6 2020

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What is Mike Michelini Up To May 31 to June 6, 2020

* Chipping away at Loadpipe – still dealing with previous group buy orders of masks – what a nightmare the logistics has been! Working on re-tweaking the model to be a platform and also moving away from PPE / masks in June.
* Enjoying our GFAVIP member calls with a couple great ones this week and for the whole month of June!
* Making a new system for managing the content creation process across our own sites and our clients (Content Investments) so that it its even more streamlined.
* HR training of new team members – Angelica for community and Michael for social media.

For the company
Week Plan May 31- June 6, 2020 Shadstone Limited

Thank you team for being here. My effort has always been trying to keep the team together and satisfied but with the scrambling and adjusting our business model for short term cash flow it has been a challenge I must admit.

What we are building is for the long term over the short term – building an empire, an ecosystem – a platform – is one of the hardest things that can be built – yet once it is stable it is strong and long term. And this is how I have been thinking.

We’re setting up such a strong foundation. And as we get new projects in, we are able to embrace them as a team which makes me smile.

Part of that building is more on the sales and marketing side – Angelica joined last week for community side (webinars, members) and this week Michael G is joining us for social media marketing. He has worked with big brands in Dubai and his reports and insights during the interview process has been amazing – plus he was recommended by Happi, one of our amazing previous team members.

On sadder news, (name removed) will be moving on from the company. We wish him well and he will be giving us some IT documents for the various systems he has helped with. I enjoyed his positive attitude and his cartoon profile photo on Slack. Wishing him the best.

Due to all this changing of the team, the business models, new people / etc – I think we should attempt to have a “town hall” call to understand who is here and what we are working on. The hard part is what time of day to do it – seems many prefer evening Asia time?

This week we are looking to update Loadpipe to be more “open beta” and move out of PPE (masks) and into “normal” products. This is a whole new adventure, and I hope all of us can follow and give their idea if they have any.

Angelica joined me on the Loadpipe webinar Friday (thanks) and has ideas. Wendy (my wife) is suggesting to make the webinars more recorded calls with the product manufacturers so that people can see the videos later and then buy.

Someone applied to join gfavip.com over the weekend, which is awesome, last week’s GFAVIP member call there were 14 members on it – with Laurence Brahm, and we all enjoyed it. Many were sharing their experience with their friends and on social media. This is what we are trying to do – build a membership that is valuable for its members and has them share the membership in their networks. It has taken quite some time – but for me – Stephenie helping to make this monthly calendar has helped others (even me) more visually see what it is we are making – https://resources.gfavip.com/june2020.jpg – and it seems really amazing.

(domain name not public yet) is a new project we are making – this is to help our writers, editors, and content “posters” to better coordinate who is doing which article and the status of each article. Also to help me better request articles for our various websites. Feel we need to spend more time on building content on the sites we have and the google spreadsheets are overwhelming me – hope all of us on the content team can embrace this as there will be workflow adjustments.

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