What Mike Is Upto April 26 – May 2, Sustainability, Health Focus

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What Mike is Up to Now – April 26 – May 2, 2020

* Preparing Loadpipe Group buy 5 as it becomes a platform with vendors
* Coordinating w/ my wife Wendy on larger mask/ PPE trades via Shadstone Sourcing
* Adjusting various web properties and businesses I’m a part of to be more about the environment and health. All of us can make these adjustments to any business we are currently in.

For those who want to read what I send to our company (removing certain sensitive info) here you go

Week Plan April 26 – May 2, 2020 Shadstone Limited

Hope everyone on the team is doing well, if you are under personal pressure or financial pressure, please try to let me know so if there is something I can do.

We are entering group buy 5 of Loadpipe, basically it is a weekly “content production” just like our team is used to – except it is a wholesale group buying situation. And we are starting to get the community to understand this flow as well – slowly but surely we will all get this habit of a weekly group buy on Loadpipe. Working now to have vendors adding their product to the system to make it a true marketplace / platform.

Feeling good about our “complete” business model at Shadstone:

Global From Asia = media / content site about Asia / ecommerce authority site (top of funnel)
GFAVIP = paid membership, mastermind
Cross border Summit = yearly conference for the community (may skip 2020 due to COVID-19)
Loadpipe = community group buy from Factory platform
Shadstone = consulting company for full service help
MichaelMichelini.com / Mikesblog – Mike’s personal authority / personal branding sites.

Think that makes sense as a complete “ecosystem” that will balance “Free” and “paid” to create long term sustainability in our team and company.

Last week was a TON of online conferences – starting with the Work From Home Initative with Andie Estrada, then the Global Sources Virtual Summit, and then Andy Li’s EXWconference.

Still searching for an ecommerce analyst to work with us on Loadpipe. May make a job post in a job platform this week – although I was hoping to find someone already in our network.

Shorter week plan, things are getting more clear for me now.

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