What’s Mike Upto March 1-7, 2020

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What Mike Is Up to Now – March 1 – 7, 2020

* Still in Manila, deciding how much longer I can stay – family being away is hard and was the plan with or without the Coronavirus – but not able to go back is driving me insane.
* Transitioning to a personal brand as the main focus.
* Need to extend my Philippines visa before March 9, 2020, told it isn’t too hard to do
* Tons of followups after being in Wall Street Journal + Yahoo Finance TV last week about the coronavirus

raw notes:

Long form letter I wrote to my team (weekly plan for Shadstone Limited), felt it is also relevant to share with others who are curious about my transition from a few different businesses that I’m involved in, towards a more wholistic personal brand that has 6 topics I cover

Week Plan – March 1 – 7 2020 Shadstone Limited

Will keep this one short, seriously overloaded studying courses and making action plans for a big shift – well let’s call it re-positioning about the company and how we sell. I’m less shy than I used to be – and honestly I go back and forth if I really want to be the main part of the sales funnel – but I am convinced – we need to use me as the main selling point

Stephenie has been helping redesign my “personal brand” site – www.michaelmichelini.com – and we are converting my personal facebook.com/michelini into a public figure page and will be putting out more “short 1 minute videos” around 6 topics (topic wheel). Need to explain to Alvin – I think a lot of you see that on your facebook fee -those personal brands with the 1 minute motivational video – that will be me / us now.

And it will help connect all these businesses together – Alpha Rock Capital has empowered me / encouraged me to use my personal brand to help them get more investors (a few of the current investors came from my personal social channels) so they want me to spend more time on it. And encourage me to still do GFA / Mikesblog / CBS. But to make sure ARC is main part of my personal brand.

So they are like a supporter of the “Michael Michelini” brand, and ARC will be a key part of the content. It is already like that – but now it is more clear

Over the next few weeks we will be repositioning the content schedule and the content distribution to include my “public figure” page – im still learning how to connect / cross-promote pages like facebook.com/globalfromasia – Dennis Yu’s course on personal branding says it is better to have a business page, a public figure page, and a personal profile – so I still need to learn how to connect them all together.

As far as the topic wheel – here are the 6 – mikesblog.com/topicwheel – and we need to update the content schedule / make a new content schedule to promote around these 6 topics – and then boost on Facebook

I also have a new coach to help coach me on personal branding and sales – Gilbert Joa, he’s specialized in helping people do better at sales – he was on the GFA podcast, and spoke a CBS – so he knows what we do already – he – like many – say we have so much opportunity – but need to position it more clearly – and sell!

Here’s the 6 topics, Dennis Yu’s course says to have 3 business, and 3 personal:

1) Asia business – China / Philippines / HK business – which is globalfromasia.com and crossbordersummit.com event – made a new page www.globalfromasia.com/start to make it more clear on how we monetize.

2) Amazon FBA / ecommerce / investing – Alpha rock capital, Ecommerce Gladiator, and some GFA / CBS too.

3) SEO / internet marketing – shadstone SEO, content investments, shadstone.com

4) Family / education as cross culture digital nomads – immigration / schools / travel mikesblog.com maybe a book smoothlifestyle.com soon

5) Speaking / training as NGO – I love to develop people. I hope those working here can see that. I give you all my courses free in gfavip.com – and I spoke in Baguio free. I love to give back. I have done a scholarship program , multiple apprentice programs, got Alex here a USA bank, I hope to continue – actually do even more – ways to help give people around the world opportunity no matter where they were born. Alpharockcapital.com/impact-investing/ is one page, maybe make another somewhere – also have mikesblog.com/apprentice/

6) productivity / online teams – morning routine, pomodoro workflow, SOPs, shadstone portal, regarding work system. Love this stuff, love working more effectively online, as 1 person, but also as a team..

So these 6 we need to put into a content schedule for social media and blogging. Also we have the management retreat March 13-15 so it is perfect timing to sit together and re-focus the marketing strategy for the company.

Basically- GFA is not the “main” top of the business – it is 1 topic in the 6 wheel under my personal brand.

And we need to better cross promote GFA and my personal brand – many don’t even know I have a podcast that are on my personal facebook – I think we need to integrate GFA more – and now with a public figure page -somehow cross promote GFA page / MM page and / MM personal profile.

Feedback is much appreciated – honestly though I want to build companies that are not reliant on me – and it was 1 reason I was trying to hesitate from doing this – but I guess GFA and CBS and ARC can also become separate later or are already separate now – and can grow on their own too.

Just right now, still fighting hard to get revenue after this coronavirus has really messed up my plans for events and meetups in south china.

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