What is Mike Up to Now – Dec 29 – Jan 4 2020

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What is Mike Upto Now – Dec 29 – Jan 4 2020

* Still freezing in Shenyang, China.
* Mother in law’s battle with cancer – Those reading my blog see my mother in law has a late stage cancer treatment medicine endeavor to face Monday.
* Brainstorming / preparing for 2020 – the last week of the year I always get full of ideas for the year ahead.
* Content schedule for Alpha Rock Capital’s webinars, newsletters, podcasts.
* Close to confirm Cross Border Summit will be in Chiang Mai on Nov 19-20, 2020 (so many are asking for the dates of this fifth annual event, but it is tough to move it out of China for me to be honest.)

So Mike – What do you do again!?!

As I am more active on my personal Facebook (I go through phases, lol) many of my friends and family are excited to see the videos and posts again – but as always I confuse people :

“Mike, love the content updates, but… what do you do now exactly”?

Ok, here’s the elevator pitch:

I’m a partner and content director at AlphaRockCapital.com which is a buyout group (PC word is acquisitions firm) for Amazon FBA companies.
And I’m blogger/podcaster at GlobalFromAsia.com (passion project of love) which has tons of things like CrossBorderSummit.com annual event, brands are run through the corporate entity Shadstone.

Summary – I’m a content “artist” (my full name is Michael Angelo after all). I’m not a business person, I’m a blogger. Lol.

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  1. Summary – I’m a artist. [edit for clarity]

    thank you for this amazing blog and contribution to the world. We are watching and appreciating.

    Keep it up buddy! 🙂

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