There Is No Happiness Without Action

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Caught this tweet (message over twitter for those who don’t know) while on the bus from Shantou to Shenzhen

@rochorbeancurd – Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action

This is why i love twitter…throughout my day im getting pumped with tons of ideas, visions, motivations. Meeting new people, sharing ideas, supporting and inspiring one another. And that is what its all about, right

So back to this idea of happiness without action. I think that is something i love by, and realized only You CAN CREATE YOUR FUTURE. STOP making up excuses why others are in your way, or that some event or situation in lofe is holding u back

Like the movie fight club and you just have to let go —– to stop blaming others, feeling sorry for yourself, and getting sucked into the corporate america system…..

Make a plan. What do u need in order to be happy….

And money is not the end goal!!!!! That is a means to get to the end goal……just accumulating lots of money seems pointless to me…….what then??? Where is the meat!!!?!?!!?

For me, happiness is the ability to make my own schedule. To learn new cultures, constantly meet new people and see as much of the world as possible.

I used to think that would mean international business would be connected to that, and the lord of war movie has inspired me (minus the illegal arms trading, the general theme of international business). But will that mean i will be a multi millionaire?

That should not be the driving idea……money……the driving idea has to be what make you happy….and for me that is international travel, exposed to new cultures, connecting people and making ideas a reality. If that means i can make a lot of money, then so be it.

Maybe i should become a international journalist. I think the hesitation for that was i felt the pay wouldn’t be good. That was the old me. That was the brainwashed corporate america me that wanted to be in the ratrace each day to get a good feeling looking at my “score” (online bank account).

So what is the action …..let go! That is an action. Not be afraid that you will lose something if you change the way your life is currently going. ….of course if u r already happy, then u r fine. But i feel, deep down, many people are not truly happy ……hell, still there are times in my day or week where i am miserable. And we have to work towards reducing those moments…positive mind….positive energy…….positive people around us…….

its the endless pursuit in life. Its the struggle that makes me happy.

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  1. i’m always positive, it’s in my blood! i’m O positive!! haha

    1. Author

      cool, we have the same blood type! but you know, that is the most common one, i think like 80% or more have it, haha

  2. coz we r just the ordinary common ppl haha

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