Do You REALLY Want to Know Your Future?

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If we could know our future, our DESTINY, would we want to know? I had an interesting talk with Christal Chai at Star Prototype China last week, and meant to follow up with a post to my blog. We thought that, hey, if we could find out our destiny, what we would end up in life, and what we would accomplish – WOULD WE EVEN WANT TO KNOW????

Today I spent about 5 hours on a bus to Shantou City, Guangdong. Was sent by Rosemary over in California to check out a toy factory. She checked out the google map from Shenzhen to Shantou, and related it to a drive up the coast of California!! In the skype, she then said…..well, it may not be ANYTHING like that, and yea…not at all. I took some snap shots and posted a crooked one from my mobile camera (Scott, I know…quality sucks, but deal with it, I’m not lugging around a separate piece of equipment). But this is life, this is living. My chinese still has a LOT of improvement to go…..and I still get by. I went solo. I used texts, sign language, pointing, and my broken Chinglish to get around.

Do I want to know where I am going to end up? Do I want to know if today was WORTH it? Or was it a waste of time?

  • Maybe it was a really important business trip,
  • where I will meet or have influence on someone who is gonna make the deal a lifetime for me.
  • Maybe I will get hit by a bus or motorbike and die.
  • or I’ll meet a factory worker and fall in love and get married.
  • it gives me insight on what I want to do, or what I don’t want to do, an average day
  • Every day above ground is a good one! And I don’t want to know how it all ends that would just ruin the PURSUIT.

    PLUS, if we know how the story of our life ends…..that in itself would change the outcome. if I knew I was going to be a rich millionaire international businessman, THEN I WOULD NOT BECOME THIS – because I would EXPECT it, and not fight for it. If I knew I would be a complete failure, lose everything I had, and beg on the streets for a daily dinner – then I would NOT EVEN try to be some crazy popular businessman……

    NOT KNOWING how the story ends is the beauty of life. It is the treasure. There is another quote I try to keep in my memory:

    Yesterday is history
    Tomorrow is a mystery
    Today is a gift…..

    ……thats why we call it the PRESENT!

    And we have to treat each day as a gift. If we know what tomorrow would bring, it wouldn’t be a mystery, and therefore, today would not be a GIFT!

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    1. sometimes, it’s not abt the result but the process~

      n mayb u r thinking too much……..

      just let it b n let it flow~ time will tell n u’ll know where to land!!!

      n today mayb u r still a geek ;P

    2. There is Amercian movie talking about people can go to the back and the futrue ” Back to the Future”–old movie

    3. Author

      thanks Jane

      GOING BAACK to the future, now that would be cool – we could go and fix some “mistakes” we made…

      but then again…..we should not REGRET anything, because we are human and we are who we are, right

    4. When the turtle is talking to the panda by the peach tree. Think it’s in the early middle section of the movie.

      1. you crazy movie guys…hahahaha

    5. i am so confused and wants to knw my future

    6. am so confused wants to be sombody but dont when i could am down theres is no mtivation for me no hope again dont knw my left and rigt doing my best but dont get any solution

      1. Author

        Hi Bridget,

        Whats to be confused about? please try your best to stay positive….I have also faced really hard times where I had no idea why I am alive…

        maybe try a change of environment? i was not so happy working a corporate job in NYC and tried something new…

        change sometimes is the best way for us to learn about who we really are.

        this is life, we have to acccept it and enjoy it

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