2 Amazing Tools to Help Me Prepare for An Amazing 2014

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Every 365 days everyone gets excited for another year for the books and another year to start. A clean slate.

I believe life is all about learning about oneself, what he/she likes and is good at, and the people he or she wants to spend their time with. I do believe I’ve gotten better at controlling my life and my schedule – and in 2014 I invested time in learning 2 new tools.

Not Using Email as my “To Do” – Implement GTD

During the end of 2013 I started hearing GTD (Get Things Done) and using Evernote as your “inbox” of actions. You can watch the video series on TheSecretWeapon: The no BS approach to personal productivity which combines email, evernote, and the GTD workflow.

It has really changed my work habits, lowered my stress, and create my workday around ACTIONS instead of checking email for work to do. I break up tasks by phone call, emails, home errands, online, reading, reviewing, and writing. When I am in the environment or mood to do 1 of these types of actions (waiting for a meeting and only have 10 minutes, do a few emails), I GET IT DONE.

Definitely work investing time in to learn this.

Making a Detailed 2014 Year Plan

A second tool I’ve spent the past 5 days brainstorming, reflecting, and completing is Forever Jobless: The Definitive Guide to Accomplishing Your Goals, which is a 29 page pdf workbook to help you define what you want to do with your life, what are your dreams, writing down all the types of tasks you do, and making a daily agenda and yearly calendar.

Another one definitely worth looking into.

My 2014 Plans

Well, as one gets older, and also gets married and has a kid, life becomes a bit more predictable. But for those who know me know that I am not going to go the normal route.

The way the ForeverJobless guide breaks it down is in 4 quarters.

Also, to note that I went over this with my wife Wendy – and modified it a bit. Not living the solo life anymore.

Q1 (Jan – March 2014)
USA roadshow – build up awareness for Social Agent
Create solid workflows, KPI for team
Signup guides and email campaigns

Q2 (April – June 2014)
Baby will be born (expect date: June)
Social Agent being in full scale mode.
Decide future of GloblaFromAsia podcast or not (based on metrics)

Q3 (July – September 2014)
More regularly go to Hong Kong. Work schedule between Shenzhen / Hong Kong
Make steps towards Hong Kong investment visa (or decide about renewing China work permit in November)

Q4 (October – December 2014)
Have fully functional, non-centralized product development and marketing team primarily in Asia.
Educational plan and financial structure for my child

And yes, those who looked at the 2014 worksheet, I really did map out dream house, dream car, and dream vacation. I do believe writing this out helps make things a reality.

My Dream House, Car, Vacation

At the request to a reader, and my not being too shy to share – here is what I wrote down on my goals worksheet:

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    1. Thanks Andy! Planning is an investment. ..but I do believe it helps you should try this worksheet. I have it printed out and can pass it to you

  1. Wow, Your fiance is pregnant? Congrats!! Children change everything, nothing is predictable any more because you live for them! Might wanna change that in your info above. Hopefully if you are lucky enough to spend a lot of time with them, love will fulfill you and you and your family will be happier. A successful Greek business owner once told me ” you could be the wealthiest most successful person in the world, but if your kids are not successful you will always feel like a failure”. I try to look at the big picture with balancing my life and hope you find that balance to. Best of luck in 2014! Giuseppe

    1. Thanks for reading Giuseppe!

      Yes my wife is pregnant. Joining you in the daddy’s club!

      But the Greek businessman’s quote doesn’t define success. By writing down your goals I think that does help a person define their success.

      And of course I want my child to be successful. .. hopefully I can teach him or her to make a yearly goal sheet about what their goals are to define success.

      And money is not the goal or the success. Its the way to help us reach our goal

  2. Tell us more about dream house, dream car, dream vacation… Specifics are more motivating than vague ideas.

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