2024: The Year Of Letting Go & Empowering

2024: The Year Of Letting Go & Empowering

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The screenshot in today’s blog choked me up. For years (I’d say since 2020 covid lockdown) been actively working to take our Shadstone agency and build leaders and managers that can grow and operate without my “pushing”.

Our team members are code named “ninjas” – yes Shadstone ninjas. There is a whole story about it and even made custom hoodies for it here https://training.shadstone.com/ninja/

But especially in 2023, it has been a year to prepare for the transition to building Loadpipe, an ecommerce protocol and the future of ecommerce.

I must “let go” and “trust” the team. Trust the process. Maybe it has always been me holding things back. For months as the Loadpipe project is becoming more and more real (one of the most stressful times ever), kept discussing 2024 and this change.

Well, it is Jan 2024, and it is real.

The first weekly HR department call popped up in my google calendar.

I asked Nessa, our amazing HR manager, do I need to join?

The reply choked me up:

As for you joining Mike, we really appreciate the help, support and engagement. Considering the transition and leadership development goals, I am suggesting a more targeted approach. Periodic check-ins or specific updates could keep you informed without regular attendance, allowing the team to thrive independently. Not only for HR but for others as well. Let me know your thoughts on this, thanks 🙂

Hard to explain the feeling – maybe some of you can relate.

As I focus on becoming CEO of a foundation for a new ecommerce protocol, I still love the ninjas at Shadstone. And we will still work together in the venture – if anything there will be more to do together than ever before.

Just so exciting to see the team becoming a living and breathing thing – for so many years I felt as if I was pushing things and if I didn’t push they wouldn’t happen. But I am so proud of where it is now and while scary – I must let go.

2024 has so much to unpack, this is just one part of many.

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