In life – it really comes down to the simple things….

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I have been getting better at locating “hard to find” items in China…got the American knife and fork set, flat frying pan (can’t use that wok!), and other items…but the FOOD is where it gets interesting….I love breakfast, and I love that warm, soft, chewy bagel & cream cheese…..

Makes me realize life is really about the small things we do, see, and EAT! That taste, that smell, that feeling we get that takes one back to a previous time with good friends and good surroundings….

We need to appreciate these small things, embrace where we are today, and look forward to the next hand the dealer deals.

Bagel & Cream Cheese

Vanilla Extract

Toaster – can be found…but rather rare….


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  1. LOL at the bagels and good times with good friends, like all the times we would come down to NY to see you and stay out til 4am and get trashed, and then make sure to be up again at 6 to get some bagels

  2. ha ha ha u know it. that bagel looks good… even though its a bit on the skinny side. and look at your frugal sream cheese. do they have strawberry cream cheese over there? how bout Mac and cheese – i know you can’t survive without mac and cheese – or what else do you eat – canned ham? raisin bran? california burrito… sorry had to throw that in there.

  3. Hey Mike – nice to hear about your Chinese adventures! Great to see that your business is starting to take shape – good luck in the future!

  4. Author

    damnnit, i want a cali burrito and some mac & cheese

    you know its been 2 years since i’ve had mac and cheese

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