never stop trying new things, and renewing old

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so this weekend was a rather relaxing weekend, local weekend beach bum, bbq, and movie night!

I drove standard / stick shift last night – haven’t done that since summer 2003 (re: usa roadtrip w/ Scott) and I picked it up rather quickly…..guess its like a bike, once you learn you don’t really forget.

First attempt at surfing! – so after being here in San Diego for almost 3 months, finally got on a board! Knew it wouldn’t be easy, but at least I tried it out and got a feel.

So felt good, and reminded me that in life you can’t stop trying new things – as that’s what life is all about!!

Right now watching “Jobing TV” which is an hour long show about local job openings….feels so good knowing I don’t need to pay close attention – but at the same time its motivation for me to keep on bustin’ my hump….

Again, Sunday night – reflective and I’ve started to outline my attack plan for the week…

wow….just a week ago, exactly this time, I was on my way back in the car w/ Dave from Vegas…

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  1. I can vouge for this. Mike drove my car manual transmission like a pro. his surfing on the other hand didn’t go as well… maybe I should’ve given him some pointers – nah – he always bagged my surfing, it aint so easy is it – dude LOL

  2. Author

    thanks Piotr, (just getting this now, 3 years later…)
    this is life, live, learn, experience, try new, grow..

    i’m learning that more then ever

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