more fish tacos tonight!

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man, I can’t get enough of em haha – after a long afternoon of VOIP call routing, talking to accountants, following up on a lead or two, met up with some San Dieogians and chowed on some fish tacos.

Was thinking of hitting up the “House of Blues” to see my lady Britney Spears, but alas, had nobody to go with – T I know you were down but you gotta get down here sooner lmao

I am learning I have to get a SCHEDULE / Itinerary to be more time efficient…as I see I’m trying to do 10 things at one time, which in effect gets the least amount done….I’ll be experimenting this week….maybe 2 hours per “job”/ “task” then close those apps, files, books, notes – and on to the next one

Settled in for the most part in the apartment….don’t really have much, just took the clothes outta the luggage , folded up, and put in a closet

so yea, things are going in the right direction. tomorrow:

– finalize VOIP setup
– get a working office setup – maybe find a place around town where I can set up shop, contemplating paying a place for a desk/ electricity – cuz sitting alone in an apt ain’t all that hot!
– website tweaks.
– mail situation
– call center situation w/ ELFS
– paypal screwup fraud attack
– analyze overstock P and L
– contact SYNC w/ SF
– wireless sync for email

yea, and prolly a bunch more, and haircut!

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