My Son Is Deep into Meditation

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My Son Diving Into The World of Buddhism

While on the road in China, my wife keeps me up to date on what the kids are up to in Wechat. Photos, videos, reports of their teacher’s status reports, the whole nine.

Over the weekend I saw a ton of photos in the “Family Wechat group” with mainly the Chinese side of the family using wechat. They took a trip up with our friend Alicia to a temple, even I haven’t been there – but it looks pretty awesome.

Wendy tells me when Miles was meditating, other tourists were inspired to meditate next to him, take photos with him – he was a mini-superstar at the temple.

Seems the Buddhist environment is rubbing off on him.

Have a feeling my family back home is nervous seeing these photos. Probably wanting him to grow up Catholic or Christian.

Yet I think this mindfulness at such a young age will really make him a more clear thinking leader in the next generation. I wish I had calmed my “monkey mind” when I was 5 years old, I can’t even fathom how much monkey-mind crap bounced in and out of my brain over the decades before I found meditation.

He will have a massive head start in the new generation – a generation full of distractions and notifications. I see a future where we won’t have phones, but instead we will implant SIM cards into our necks and get real time notifications showing up in our eyeballs. Seriously.

The real winners and leaders of the future will have the strong ability to focus and do deep work. By having this kind of Buddhist mindset and mindfulness, I pray he will not become another human being that is constantly like a fish-brain, looking left and right to each new shiny object and notification from the next generation Facebook.

Maggie was also into it, but maybe 3 years old is pushing it a bit.

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