Home Alone with the kids (wife in Nepal)

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I’m Home Alone With The Kids (My Wife Went To Nepal For a Week)

Just when I was getting back and resting up in Chiang Mai, about a week later my amazing wife Wendy heads off to Nepal for her yearly meditation retreat.

I support it, I believe it is great for her personal development (and she’d do it anyway).

But taking care of kids is so overwhelming! Her dad (grandpa) had to head back to China earlier than expected due to health issues, and so it is just me and the kids this week.

Well, we did find a teaching assistant to help us out from the school that knows the kids. So that will be good for things. And we have a maid twice a week – used to have a live in maid but a lot of turnover and we just have an external made come a couple times a week.

I’ll do my best with the kids – snapped this photo quickly from my home office. Kids normally aren’t allowed in here, but when its just us, they hang out quite often.

Can’t wait until I teach them how to do some online marketing for the family business 😉

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