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Something inside of me is “hungry” again. It was about a year or so since I had this hunger. Maybe it is life is getting more clear for me. Maybe its having a second kid. But I’m ready to rumble more than ever this year.

Quote from Mark Cuban

Instagram has turned into a motivational quote feed for me. Yes, I know that is good to get followers or whatever, not something I’m doing. But I do like getting them.

Today I just saw this quote during my pomodoro break:

“Work Like There is someone working 24/7 to take it all away from you” – Mark Cuban

That is a little bit win/lose mindset though. But it sure as heck does make you want to work harder. I’m typing this up at 9:20am on a Sunday morning. Sundays are great for reflecting and planning the week ahead.

Competition is Good

This is something I wish I knew earlier in my entrepreneurial career – when others are doing a business, that is a good sign. That means there is something there, there is a market. Many times in ventures I would try to create a market. Sure if that market is discovered and you’re the first one there you’ll have a massive competitive advantage. If you can wait that long, as it is normally longer than you think. But normally its better to go where a market already exists and serve it better.

And if you have this mindset like Mark Cuban, and are fighting every day to get ahead and make sure someone else doesn’t take your lunch, you’ll be pushing like never before.

But Its Not Just About Working Hard, Its Health Too

While that quote from Mark Cuban has spawned this post today, and maybe he had other sentences besides that 1 when he was explaining, I think he would agree you also need to take care of your health. For me, its sleep. As I am measuring more and more my work via pomodoros, my sleep the night before really matters a lot.

If I sleep 6 hours, I really can’t focus. If I get 7 hours, I am good. Seems around the 6 -7 hour mark is my sweet spot of maximum (or minimum, depending on how you’re analyzing) time to effectiveness. And eating well, not making shortcuts in your eating and time to eat.

Passion, Health = Drive

So as many in life, I’ve learned about myself a ton. Hope I can help my kids make some shortcuts, though I already expect they will insist on learning on their own. But really when I have gone 150% workaholic mode, and not cared about my food or sleep, it has hurt me long term.

I think you need to think about the Mark Cuban quote and also think that your competition is also getting a good night sleep and eating healthy. If they aren’t and get sick, then that is an advantage for you. And if you are just working and not taking care of your body, then get sick, its an advantage for them. Also about finding the right people to work with you is important too.

So I hope people that are motivated by quotes like that also factor in the full picture. Passion, health, and a good team. Much easier said than done.

Go, Fight, Win!

I remember when I was preparing to walk to school “back in the day”. My mom, sister, and I would chant in the house :

Go go, go go go go
Fight fight, fight fight fight fight
Win Win, win, win, win win,
Go – Fight – Win!

I don’t even know where that came from. But it was really motivational. We were maybe going to first grade or maybe a little bit older? And I remember my mom saying goodbye to us “see you later alligator” or “see you in a while, crocodile”

These memories sometimes pop back into my mind at a random given moment and give me that extra bust of energy to persist a little bit longer.

And yes, I miss those times a lot, and I miss my family time back in USA.

But this pushes me even more.

Maybe today’s post helped you out a bit? But for me, this has created another surge of energy for my next work pomodoro. Let’s go!

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