Healthcare, easy everywhere except USA

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So Bas and Brent are looking into healthcare and coverage options (I guess i’m crazy, but haven’t had insurance for 2 years). And its pretty hilarious to see how the quotes look – they are VERY reasonable OUTSIDE of USA coverage. The doctor costs and the healthcare system in America is soo screwed up

I think back to my time in America, hearing about healthcare coverage not even being good enough to compare with europe. But the tax rate is high as well. Who to blame? Doctors, hospitals, healthcare companies? I know this is a huge political debate where my family has all types of different stances. But I just think its the mentality of people who have coverage. It isn’t an all you can eat buffet dinner! And then the ER rooms are overfilled, people who feel a little sick run to a doctor.

“hey, I pay for coverage, may as well use it”
“not my money, I pay my dues”

The mentality has to be, “well ok, I can just take some rest, some over the counter medicine, and tomorrow I should feel better”.

Each person has to take responsibility for the health care system, try to take care of themselves more before going to see a doctor or a specialist. Its a bit sad, I hope it can improve.

So, healthcare coverage EXCLUDING USA is what I am forced to consider and choose.

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