I have many friends in USA contacting me how to get a job in China or Hong Kong. Talking to many head hunters here in Asia, I have been building up a list of resources.

Things you should prepare to get a Chinese job:


  • Have higher education in your home country – Chinese really respect the diploma. Sorry for college dropouts who become multimillionaire internet dudes, but if you want to move in China and get employment, defintely get a higher education diploma.
  • Resume (CV) – You need a nice, professional resume. In China, they are used to seeing a photo of the applicant as well, so don’t feel strange if they ask for a headshot photograph.
  • Cover letter – be genuine why you want to come to China and work. Chinese sometimes wonder why would a foreigner want to leave their home country to come here, so telling the truth is always the best way. Chinese like a nice story!

Below is a list of some websites, “I suggest that your friend takes a look at the following websites for job postings.”

http://www.classifiedpost.com (SCMP)
geoexpat.com (not currently working for me)

Here is a job posting my friend Judy has currently open (as of Nov 2011)

For the part-time job,below is some info about it

the object are the students from senior high school

the purpose of the class is to give after-school tutoring and learning aids via internat and video,audio for the students to improve their tests performance

the classroom is flexible and convenient for u choose,the class can be held at ur home and anywhere else as long as u are able to be on-line with camera and headset along.

teacher and student(s) log in the web-class platform wear the headset and microphone .then the teacher give lesson in a form of 1 to 1 or 1 to all with the courseware prepared in advance by the tutor. They can interact via video and audio and courseware sharing which is supported on the platform.

class time will be arranged double considering the situation of the tutor and the school center’s schedule

normally 1 class per day per tutor.the workload can be added according to the actual situation and the tutor’s preference,also the tutors can share the normal workload for one course if he(she)cannot make so much time

the pay is finally decided by the quality of the class and workload of the course.the candidate is required to give a E-trial lesson.ten it will be appraised by the teachers and students in the school center,if it is well responded,the pay will meet what you expected. The payment will be at your bank card at the end of every month.

if any question, please let me know asap.if u or ur friends are interested in this, please try to send me a resume with english & chinese version ,then we d like to meet up together for a drink and something about the job

Thanks very much for your attention!
Good Luck and Good Health



Soon I will have a way to apply directly through this blog post, or contact me!

Update on Jan 29, 2013
I’m finally getting a jobs site setup, jobs.globalfromasia.com, currently more for helping Chinese businesses to hire western entrepreneurs, may go the other way soon!


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