Memories of my “New Home Excursion” Trip With My Wife

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Well, the trip is over. Felt like only a week, but it was a month! We were on the road just a bit over a month – and now back to reality.

Well – a new reality – moving to Thailand now and scrambling like crazy.

Maybe I also take this as a time to switch from being a computer geek to being a business development guy (I often go back and forth) – since so much is changing anyway.

But in today’s blog (brain flow I call it) I just want to document some of the memories I had with my amazing wife Wendy during the one month transition trip.

– Massive traffic in both cities we went to Manila and Cebu.
– Showing Wendy all the amazing people we are working with in Philippines (her first time there and to meet our team)
– Internet issues at the Cebu airbnb – and frustrations together.

– meeting transgenders as soon as we arrived at the airport and how shocked Wendy was (a clip or two is in the video blog).
– Seeing Wendy realize you can’t use Baidu and Chinese internet apps outside of China too well.
– Getting caught out in the rain as we tried to find the key to the house
– Bumping into more Chinese people than Western people in Chiang Mai!
– Making huge decision to signup for the school and process the visa.

– Taking Wendy to the temple. Waiting at the hotel a couple days and then going back to KL.
– A few days on my own – no wife or kids – realize how quiet (and boring) my life is now without them.
– Seeing how happy and fulfilled Wendy was after her silent retreat.

A lot of the memories seem to be our time in Nepal.
– The crazy bumpy dirt roads we had to go on constantly
– Meditating in a cave for over a half hour with a monk teaching me how to sit better.
– Monkey attacking me for my chips and Wendy capturing on video
– Getting lost (huge walk!) inside Lumbini where there are 10 or so countries that have set up temples.
– Electricity and internet problems at the hotel, and dealing with it.

This is what is cool about Wendy – she is a “tough cookie” – she doesn’t need all those nice things. We really roughed it a lot on this trip and she dealt with it better than me at times.

There are so many more memories – and I won’t hide it -of course we had some arguments. But I wouldn’t say any major arguments and for the most of the time we traveled really well together.

So lucky to have an awesome person to share these days of my life with.

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