New Opportunities + The Transition to Full Time Thailand

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New Opportunities + The Transition to Full Time Thailand

Feel like I’m in the ending scene of that movie Inception.

Plus I have a business proposition for you today.

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So this week was intense – basically every day except Friday in an airport. Monday flew from Lumbini, Nepal to Kathmandu, Nepal. A night there. Then Tuesday from Kathmandu to Kuala Lumpur for a full night layover. Wednesday from KL to Hong Kong – work with Shadow Factory VR on marketing and catch up. Thursday fly from HK to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Also while meeting Kicha, a talented artist – to say goodbye and hear his artist story.  Plus Wendy and her Buddhist group is looking to invest in a restaurant in Kathmandu (I know, right?!)

Plus – we are looking for a new business partner to join our Amazon FBA Business (those who follow Global From Asia will know the Ecommerce Gladiator series)


Friday morning (Aug 10) is the parent’s orientation and Monday Aug 13 is first day of school.

Also transition from being with my wife to being with my father in law and my 2 kids. They will be coming with me to Thailand while Wendy hangs in Shenzhen to settle the apartment, furniture, sell the car it is all happening!

And yes, so fast.

Many have asked why so fast. Well – the deal is – if we kept Miles in the Shenzhen school for half a year (we were considering to move in Jan) – the school didn’t allow us to only pay for half a year – we would have to do a full year. And then on top of that – the price of a full year for Miles in SZ is the same as sending Maggie and Miles to a full year in Chiang Mai (we were considering having Maggie wait a half year or so before going to school – but now will be going into school with Miles in the Fall).

So why stay somewhere you know you are leaving and waste half a year of school fees?

And the big part that put such a rush on it was the the schools in Thailand start in mid August (first day of school is Aug 13) – we thought it would be a September start. Sure, the school said we could start later – but why have the kids go into school after it has already begun, that would be awkward in our opinion. Already will be a big change for them anyway – and we pay the same price if they go on time or later.

So all of this turned into me flying back to Thailand a day after the 1 month trip with Wendy. Like, the timing is so insane there wasn’t a day to spare – our trip ended on Aug 8 and school orientation on Aug 10 – leaving Aug 9 as the family move day.

But sometimes in life you just gotta push it to make something fit. It will be stressful and hard – but if life didn’t have challenges it would be boring right?

And of course paying double rents, double everything for a bit will not be fun either.

Wendy and I are really appreciative of her dad – the kids grandfather. He has been looking after them in his hometown the past month while we are traveling, and now agreed to come to Thailand (on a 3 month tourist visa as a Chinese citizen) to help with the move and help watch the kids as Wendy takes care of things in Shenzhen and I settle the family into Thailand.

It is going to be tough for the kids to see him go three months from now (that will be a rough video blog).

Of course we are so nervous about the kids- will they like Thailand? Will they like the school? This will be Maggie’s first time in any school – and Miles will have been to a couple different style schools now.

Guess this is a worry for all parents right? But they probably won’t really tell the difference that they are in a different country? There are tons of Chinese kids in Thailand, and there will be still chances for them to speak Chinese.

What is the wildest of all is that they will be trilingual – speaking Chinese, English, and Thai.

I’m jealous. That will be an amazing skill to have growing up in the next generation. It is without a doubt that Chinese will be more and more necessary in the new “World” we live in. Thai isn’t a bad language to know either – and duh – of course English is a requirement.

So there are a ton of changes coming and we just need to hold on tight and do our best as a family.

Being a parent is a whole new life – so those single people out there – all those stories your parents and your married with kids friends told you – they are true! I won’t say one side is better or worse – but they are just totally different lifestyles and mindsets.

So what is the business opportunity? We are looking for a new business partner in our Amazon FBA business – check out the details and apply soon –

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