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So here’s my Book Review for the Online Income Bible

I’ve been blogging and creating content for years and it was a great rundown of all the steps someone needs to take to do what Manuel and I have been doing for years. Like other reviews I have read on the book, Manuel tells it like it is and doesn’t hype people up.

And whether new readers and new “players” to the online blogging (MMOL – make money online) world want to accept it or not – to do it right and legit and for the long term it will take months to see some results and years to see massive results.

But Manuel is still positive in his recommendation for newbies to get in, to focus on a niche, and have your own specific voice and angle of differentiation.

I would recommend this for a new person to blogging and doing online businesses, he takes you from the start to the finish of the process – picking your niche, finding domain name that is suitable, getting wordpress and hosting going, creating content, and the most important – making money from all this hard work (honestly my weakness!)

So if you want to have a no BS straight forward eBook on starting an online blog, it doesn’t hurt to check out Manuel’s no nonsense one from start to finish

Check out The Online Income Bible now.

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