Maybe I’ve Been in China Too Long – Readjusting to USA

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A few times while I’ve been back in America, my friends have had to slow me down and remind me “dude, you’re not in China anymore”. And not just my friends reminding me, but my finding out myself. Here are some of the bullet points (better then boring paragraphs of text, right)

  • Mistakes are more expensive in America – I think this is obvious, but America- especially New York City, is one of the highest cost areas on the world. China costs are increasing, but still at least half (of course depends on what we’re talking about) the cost of most things in USA, or NYC more specifically. Sure there variations and times things in USA are less, or wayyy more then in China, but complete cost of living in America is higher then China. And I have to adjust for that. Its just a matter of fact. Sure, I will build more close relationships with Americans I know and love, make more deals, get locked out of my online banking less (joke, but actually true). Heck, I can probably getting funding and financing easier now that I’m stateside. But my COL (cost of living) will definitely increase exponentially and I have to factor this in.
  • More Laws in USAI am afraid to hire in America! All the laws protecting the worker. As a businessman, I freak out to watch TV. Lawsuits, these lawyers just seem to look like leaches on the American dream to me. On top of the higher wages, you also have healthcare, insurance, taxes. Its freaking scary! And then the rights of the workers are so extreme… no chance for a business to protect itself.Its sad, but I have to say its true, more laws make businesses more hesitant to DO BUSINESS. Jeez. Isn’t that obvious American politicians??!?!
  • More Strict in USA then China – not sure how to say this (officially) on a blog post, but I could get away with more in China then in USA. I think also the Chinese police and government doesn’t want to cause political problems by mistreating foreigners in their country, and normally you can act like you don’t speak Chinese (even if you do) to government or police, and get by. There is one story where my laptop was stolen in a chinese restaurant and it was a battle, but the restaurant gave me 50% of the cost of my laptop back! So many Chinese kinda got upset, or frustrated, because they are sure that as a chinese citizen they had 0% chance of getting any money – that the restaurant would say they are stupid for not watching over their things. I can’t think that would happen in America…that a police officer or government would be easier on a foreigner then a citizen of America. Actually, I think it may be the other way around!
  • Immigration laws – When I returned to USA from China and Philippines, I went to an immigration lawyer to learn about USA immigration laws, man this is complicated. I know it was also difficult to get a Chinese visa, but I have to think immigration laws are hardest in America. So many Chinese people I know immigrate into Canada! There are so many Chinese who say Vancouver, Canada is great! That there are so many Chinese there, and its so beautiful, etc etc. I think this is more due to the fact that Canada is much easier to take immigrants then America. Which is kinda sad to me, because I think Chinese are a great people to have entering one’s country…and America is missing out on a lot of quality people and investment because of this.
  • Healthcare – man, I am actually really afraid….to go to a doctor in America. The rates, I don’t even want to think about it. I may wait until I take trips to China or Philippines before I get a checkup. Chinese hospitals aren’t that bad as foreigners say! I don’t blame doctors for this, I blame the system….when the person doesn’t pay the bill themselves, because its covered by insurance, they don’t care what doctor they go to, how much they cost….and then how is this all controlled? When its free to them, and they pay an “all you can eat” buffet, who cares how much it costs.

So I could probably think of a few more, but my main point is AMERICA NEEDS TO WAKE UP. I hear people talk about it, but not really do anything. It makes it hard to do business, because its expensive, and because there are so many laws. I am maybe still being crazy from my overseas experiences, but maybe some kind of law or fine may stop me in the future.

Business is based on risk. And I can’t find the article, but basically large businesses are afraid of US POLITICAL risk to make future investments in the country. That if a business invests in a American office, and taxes and salary issues increase THEY ARE SCREWED. And….sure the worker gets taken care of, but if the company is bankrupt, and the companies offshore succeed, who wins?

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  1. All great points! You really need to buy health insurance though.

    I also wouldn’t say that you can “get away with more” in China. That implies what you are doing is somehow wrong. The USA likes to have more control of telling you how you can spend your money. Land of the free.

    1. Author

      hey Larry,
      I knew this blog post would get your attention!

      yea. I wasnt sure how to exactly say “get away with” – but China, while it does have annoying monthly tax filing, doesn’t seem as nosy about my business….as strange as that may come out to sound.

      Land of the free, you had to “jab” didnt ya! anti-american!?!? j/k

  2. I definitely agree with most of your points about cost. Our country is overpriced and we need to lower our cost of living (getting rid of ambulance chasers might be helpful step in the right direction).

    While it may be more expensive, I prefer the quality of healthcare here in the US. I spent too much time in dirty hospitals in China with doctors who didn’t know anything about medicine.

    And it isn’t that we really have more laws in the US, it’s more about the laws that are enforced.

    1. Author

      thanks Matt,
      lowering cost of living means….lower salary though, right? And how to get rid of these horrible lawyers….it is true about the legal system here….watching TV all i see are lawyer adds, and these disgusting political ads…..

  3. There are definitely too many rules and regulations in the US and I am also afraid to hire. I would love to hire 1 or 2 people in the US to help my business but I can’t take the risk…

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