The Main Thing Holding you back is YOU!

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As I run all over the place like crazy, of course I am getting frustrated. And some things don’t go as I planned, and I get angry – but there is a saying

“A man can fail, but he isn’t a failure until he blames someone else.” – J. Paul Getty

I have tried my best to constantly repeat this in my mind. I can’t blame others for the way things are, that is the easy way out. Sure, maybe I entrusted someone to assist in getting a specific job done and it didn’t go through. But then I should only blame myself for trusting this person, and for not having a plan B.

But this idea of “the only person holding you back is YOU” is not just in the negative side when problems arise, but also in the potential – THE POSSIBILITY that we can succeed in life. We make up excuses not to “go for the gold” and take a shot to make something great with our life…because we HOLD OURSELVES BACK. We doubt our own selves. We feel inferior, or afraid someone is going to laugh when we fail.

THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR BUT FEAR ITSELF. The hardest thing in life for me, as well as others I can imagine, is to stop worrying what others think. I have gotten more bold, more outgoing, braver (maybe stupider too) because I am less concerned about what others think if I fail. I have to get even better at not caring what other people think…but at least I have gotten better at it.

I want to stay in New York, at least a year to build up a USA sales office for the:

  1. website marketing, SEO services
  2. bar products / promotions – with focus in NYC local market
  3. china business consulting / international business.

Is this too many things? Am I holding myself back by not focusing. By trying to do all these things, am I a “master of none” and confusing potential clients who aren’t sure where my dedication is?

But its hard to let go. I like to do so many things. To learn, to experience, to network. I love sales and marketing and networking. Motivating others. Inspiring creativity. Giving opportunity to those who want to work hard.

Heck, I wish I could travel the world, blog, meet people, network, and connect. That would be my dream.

Having trouble sleeping…..thinking too much. Work too hard. Not focusing. Common problems, feedback from others. And I guess I am a little SCARED. Yes, I admit it, I’m scared. But I know its gonna continue to be one heck of a ride.

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  1. Dont know how to comment on this blog? but I think dont need to think too much or scared! haha But I understanding the feeling when you are worried about something and couldnt sleep, maybe you need take an hour to lay down on the beach and listen to a soft and nice music or take a short vacation when you have some time, even just half day or one day

    1. Author

      you know….when i do have time on the beach, I am still thinking about work, talking to others about work. Its kind of stressful, but its also kind of a game.

      Right now there are so many changes….I am just adjusting, and thinking too much because my whole game plan and strategy has to adjust

      1. Yeah I m totally understanding that kind of situation,I couldnt fall sleep if i was think about something or worried about something, sometimes about work too, thats why i like to done work things first, so no need to worried anymore when im out of the office

  2. I agree with you 100% on the title of this posting.
    So many people waste time and energy on “what if”. Why is that? Is it that they are afraid of success? I think they are afraid of failure.
    If you plan accordingly, you should be able to achieve the goals you mentioned.
    I think you are way ahead on achieving your dreams. You have done more things than most people I know (including myself).
    As for the sleep thing…I think you’ve been away too long and not used to the NYC noises like garbage trucks, ambulances, etc. Try some meditation (counting your breaths) it may relax you.

    1. Author

      Great to see you reading and commenting, always appreciated.

      You know one of my favorite movies is “great expectations” (newer version with gweneth paltrow) ….its a great story about life and chasing your dream, only to realize what are you chasing really, and to appreciate more who really matter to you.

      But meditation….too boring to me

      And new york noise isnt much more then china or philippines big cities

  3. Title Agreed 100%

    Focus – agree with the part of you saying “am I not focusing enough?” 🙂

    Much love and support

    I’m afraid too man – but I know we can both triumph!

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