Heading to DCBCN (Barcelona) Later this Month

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Time is flying, I am heading to Barcelona for DCBCN. Felt like it was just January when I booked this!

I’m pumped! I’m going to Europe after so many years. And to hang out with a bunch of my friends from Dynamite Circle.

What’s DCBCN

What is this event? Its the Dynamite Circle Barcelona event. It has been going for a few years now in Europe – but I normally just make the ones in Bangkok.

Its a smaller event than the DCBKK event, and I keep hearing awesome things about it so I gotta go and check it out.

Its a 2 day event, and there are meetups before and after it. The event is focused on “digital nomads” or “location independent business owners” – but I like to say more generally the new way business is going to be done going forward. I have learned so much from Dan and Ian at Tropical MBA and am glad to have been a DC member since its early days.

So going to this event I learn a bunch, get overwhelmed, but most importantly, I get inspired to push myself and my business to the next level.

My First Trip to Barcelona

For years, for decades I have heard how amazing Barcelona is. So this is also a great excuse to come out and see what everyone is talking about. The prices are super low, and that makes it even more attractive. Who would have thought Barcelona would be cheaper than China!

So I hope I have enough time to “soak it all in” – just there for about 5 days.

I’m Also Hosting a Meetup

I’m also going to be hosting a meetup on Tuesday June 21 about Hong Kong business. Excited to meet those who have a company already or are looking to get started in Asia with a business. Did this in Bangkok too and the room was packed. Always want to hear how people are running their business from asia and I learn a ton of questions and problems people are facing

The eventbrite is here

Also Going to Prague Afterwards

After the Barcelona meetup, I will spend a bit of time in Prague. I want to hang out with Simon Payne an old friend and DCer. He is hosting a meetup there too – a smaller mastermind style session.

Rip the band aid off, that is what Dan Andrews said when introducing the mastermind session last year. That is what I intend to do. Put myself out there for other business owners to ask me questions what I am doing in business, pry a bit, and dig deep into the things I am unto.

Will Come Back to Asia Ready to Rock

As always, these Dynamite Circle events will push me. I will come back to Shenzhen ready to push myself harder than before. Loaded with tons of information, but more importantly, inspiration and motivation.

Look forward to catching some of you there!

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