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As each new year comes closer – let’s all make our plans and see how we can grow. Take things up a notch. Mike’s blog is a great domain, and I want to do a lot more with it. For now it has just been a place for me to record the stuff in my head and also be a place for my video blogs. Yet we can do a lot more with it.

I want it to be more helpful resource for the people who ask me how to create content. A question I get over and over again is how do I start a blog, how do I start a podcast, how do I start a vlog. I will be answering these and hope that I can inspire even just 1 person to take action with that and start making amazing content for the internet world.

There is a lot of opportunity still, even as I write this at the end of 2017, to build valuable content to help people around the world and earn income from it. So why not use this blog to help create more creators.

For my business talk on China and Asia business-  I moved that content over to Global From Asia years ago. If you’re interested in that specific topic, hopefully you found that blog by now 🙂

Best place to check on this blog about business resources I use and recommend for internet marketing is our resources page at enjoy it and please give me suggestions on questions and topics I can help you with.

Wishing you the best in the new year.

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