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Vlog – Pushing Limits – Gary Vee in the House

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Stay on top of the game. So this guy has really pushed me harder even when I thought I was pushing hard – Gary Vee. It is great to have a chance to see him at the Rise Conference and get an autographed copy of his book too.

He really inspired me – was like watching a live youtube video. I need to push myself harder. I need to take more action. I need to leverage every waking hour to build things up and grow. Legacy. What would you do if you didn’t have worry about money – what would get you up in the morning.

I have to be honest- I would do the same things that I am doing now. So I guess I am on the right track then.

How can I get things to the next level. Get out of my comfort zone. One thing has been pushing more events for Global From Asia. So right after being a “fan boy” of Gary Vee and getting his autographed book – we did our Rise Community event for Global From Asia – Selling into China via Cross-Border E-commerce with Ricardo Li. He has a ton of experience in cross-border e-commerce, both into China as well as exporting from China – as the Shenzhen director of eBay for many years and now running an e-commerce incubator Popeye.

I am so lucky to have a great team to support – Andrew is down from Nanjing this month – and we have Claire as well. In Hong Kong – Andre Martin is a big supporter of what we do and was able to come out. Claudia over in Miami was really interested in seeing this interview so we did make a recording of it.

Pushing limits. Getting outside of your comfort zone. Sure, I could have passed on the opportunity to have a GFA event during Rise – but come on – that is a great chance to connect with Rise attendees and build the Global From Asia brand more.

Here’s a kicker – we have another Global From Asia event tomorrow night – Thursday – in Shenzhen! A group of about 20 delegates from Brazil are in town and they want to see the startup ecosystem in Shenzhen while they are in town for Rise. So – why not make a proper event for them? We have an e-commerce startup pitch event with a great chance for the audience to meet the new products and platforms.

Later in the week there is a VIP dinner on Friday night, and all day Saturday is the China Marketing Summit. Tons of stuff happening, and I just need to realize July (really?!) is a hot season for events here in South China.

But these events is where brands are grown – what has also been awesome is Claire, Andrew, and I keep meeting people who know Global From Asia.

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