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I have always enjoyed reflecting and recording what I do. As I have said before, since high school I have kept a journal, and putting things down on “paper” (physical, or virtual – but I actually do prefer writing something down on a piece of paper, as it feels like I have physically created something) has helped destress myself, and to put life in perspective.

But more and more people ask how I am able to even blog so much. Yes, it does take some extra effort, I have to WANT TO DO IT, just like anything in life, if you want to do something you will make time for it. But I have also been leveraging technology and internet to do so. Here are some points:

Mobile Phone – I have a calendar function on my mobile phone, where I can create reminders as I think of ideas. Half the time, my calendar doesn’t have APPOINTMENTS, but actually reminders to type up certain blogs, or other to-do task items. But while I’m on the road, and am stuck in an airport lobby, I don’t always have time to open my laptop, but can start typing up a blog entry on my mobile. I don’t post directly to the blog from my phone, as so many times there are tons of misspellings and just an outline rather then a full entry.

Sync Phone to Laptop – Once I am more “settled in” (which lately is rather rare!), but at least a time when I can get my laptop hooked up, mobile phone connected to my laptop (via bluetooth, isn’t technology great!) – I download my blog drafts from my mobile phone to the laptop. On top of that, normally I have some images from the digital camera too (sorry, this Nokia phone doesn’t always have the best resolution, but I’m on the road and am not going to lug around an extra camera with me everywhere) that will support my blog entry.

This is when I “put it all together”, get the images set up, clean up the spelling, expand on the outline from my mobile phone (sometimes I have longer downtime when I’m on the road, and can blog a few in 1 sitting), and add something I may have wanted to add since writing the mobile draft.

Twitter Motivations I LOVE TWITTER. Sure, a lot of people keep telling me they don’t understand twitter, but the idea is its SHORT TEXT MESSAGES that are public. So imagine you text your friend “hey, I’m going to visit this bar”. This message is only received by your friend. But if you sent it to him/her on twitter, EVERYONE out there would see it too. And they can add their own 2 cents to the CONVERSATION. Imagine many people all interacting and expanding from this thought, joining in on the event, its all grassroots and viral.

But another great thing about twitter is the sharing of MOTIVATIONAL quotes. I am always trying to follow positive minded people sharing their own motivational quotes, feelings, and ideas. And this gets me going too! So a few of these blog posts are from that, as well as from email forwards from friends and family.

But again, I have fallen in love with the internet (a long time ago) and more recently with the explosion of SOCIAL MEDIA – blogging, twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc. Its about taking your “real life” network, going on the internet, sharing more, meeting more, and expanding your network exponentially.

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  2. Author

    yea….its all about Living online nowadays…..

    its crazy people know about my life i meet and i have never met them before

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