Excited for Shenzhen’s 1st Barcamp, Sat Sept 14

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Really excited for Shenzhen’s first Barcamp, there have been many in Hong Kong, I’ve attended a couple, as well as some in Shanghai and Beijing and Guangzhou – now its Shenzhen’s time. I’m glad Zhiyuan and Carrie from SZstartups have stepped up and taken the responsibility to organize such an amazing event!

I’ll be there as a speaker too – its a pretty fun time – people post what topic they will present, and all day there are simultaneous speakers in different rooms – the venue will be in Shenzhen university – so plenty of classrooms to use for speaking sessions.

The event will be multi-lingual, based on which speaker you choose – the speaker wall board will state what language the speaker is talking in – and attendees can choose from the Mandarin, Cantonese, and English speaking sessions. I’ll be speaking in English.

Below is the English post, for the official post in Chinese and English, please see szstartups.com/barcamp

What is Bar Camp?

BarCamp, known as the international network of user-generated conference, have been attracting thousands of people around world since 2005. At BarCamp, there is no fixed topic or schedule; instead, any attendee can host a session, participate in discussions, demo a project, and share experiences, as long as it is interesting.

This year in September, we bring BarCamp to Shenzhen! BarCamp Shenzhen brings people from diverse backgrounds together to share cutting-edge ideas with the community.

If you are entrepreneur, artist, designer, developer, nerd, media professional, blogger or investor, come and join us! We encourage topics including literature, arts, startups, user experience, coworking, mobile development and anything innovative and interesting.

Please register here http://www.meetup.com/SZstartups/events/125776842/

Want to present?

Cool, share with us on weibo! @创业深圳SZstartups and @Barcamp with your idea and we will repost it. The ideas with more virality will get priority!

New to BarCamp?

Glad you’re interested. Read the FAQs below to learn more about BarCamp.

When and where?

Saturday, 14 Sep 2013, Shenzhen University, humanity school building


The format is simple: Talks are 20 minutes or 40 minutes long, followed by 10 minutes audience interaction/discussion. You may use slides, video, tools or just your voice. The goal is to encourage discussion and engagement between speakers and other participants, and to share and challenge different perspectives.If you want to experience a real spirit of sharing and learning, BarCamp is for you!

Other **IMPORTANT** information for speakers:
All speakers must bring their own laptops or computer equipment needed for their presentations (Mac or iPad users need to bring their own projector adapters!). We will provide whiteboards, projectors (VGA), sound system and power strips. Please arrive at 9:30am for Registration. Speakers choose their own time slot when they arrive. We do not pre-assign speaker times — BarCamp tradition is “first-come, first-served” so come early to claim your speaking spot!


Registration & KICK-OFF

9:30am – 10:00am (Feb. 23)

We start the day with a short session for anyone to submit discussion topics. Arrive early if you plan to speak or introduce yourself (with just 3 words!).


10:00am – 12:00pm

Various sessions will take place in different rooms during the day. Check out the schedule wall for session details.


12:00pm – 1:30pm

There are school cafeterias and restaurants on campus.


1:30pm – 5:00pm

Sessions continue throughout the afternoon in the same rooms.


5:15pm – 6pm

We will wrap up the day with some cool contests or a lucky draw, then take a group shot.


Who is Barcamp for?

Anyone who is tired of typical conferences filled by boring presentations or sales pitches, really. If you want to experience the real spirit of sharing and learning, BarCamp is for you!

Is an invite or registration required?

No, but it’s very helpful for us organizers to plan ahead! So please take a minute to sign up for the event and spread the word for your friends to do the same. Walk-ins are welcome as long as we’re still within venue capacity.

What should I do if I’d like to host a session?

Come to BarCamp early as we take topic submissions and put together the schedule in the morning. You might also want to post your topic in weibo and @创业深圳szstartups and @Barcamp in advance as we provide priority scheduling for topics that receive a lot of attentions.

Is BarCamp Shenzhen in Mandarin only?

No, Cantonese and English are most certainly welcome as well. We ask for the spoken language(s) with each topic submission and have the language(s) indicated on the schedule wall.

What should I bring to BarCamp?

Nothing if you are audience. If you plan to present or show a demo, bring your own laptop, charger and VGA adapter. And of course, don’t forget your business cards if you’re into networking.

Hope to catch everyone there!

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